Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Part III

Christmas Part III

We had wanted to go to my parents house before Christmas but it never worked out. I mentioned this once before about how I went ahead without Jason because he was sick. Yes, I left my poor sick husband all alone. At least I took the dog so he didn't have to care for her........He wanted me to go I promise. :) Anyway here are a few pictures of things we did that weekend. Here is a picture of my parents Christmas tree. I love my parents house at Christmas. There are so many good memories there.

Here is my Mom and my nephew Zach (7) making huge bubbles. It didn't work too well. Maybe it was the soap they used but it did make a few bubbles as you can see from the picture.

We went bowling on one of the days. It was pretty fun. My sisters, Amy and Karen, Zach and I were on our own lane and it kept messing up and not registering a roll so we got to roll an extra time. That was nice. Once I got a strike that should have been a spare. Oh yeah! We rock! :) Zach's ball looked like it had a face so here he is imitating the ball.

My sister Amy taught Karen and me how to make pajama pants. They turned out really cute. We didn't have enough material left to make me a pair of pants so I made some pajama capris. Not too practical for the winter but they'll be good in the summer. We took a few pictures of us wearing the pajamas but I looked HORRIBLE in all of them. This is NOT an exaggeration. Therefore, you don't get to see them because I'm that vain. :D. Just kidding but really I looked awful. The top picture is of Karen making her pants and then the bottom one is of me making my capris. See how totally domestic we were being?
SIDENOTE: I am getting really sick of trying to write blogs because it always screws the format up and I can't get the picture in the right place or I can't put the words in the right place. Sometimes it works just fine and then other times it totally messes with me and it makes me crazy. Maybe I'm the only one who has problems with this but seriously it sometimes doesn't feel worth it. See what I go through to bring you all so much joy. :)


Nathan and Micah said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has problems with the formatting. I thought I was just that dumb, so good to know it's not just me! :)

timpani76 said...

I do have to actually copy and then cut and paste the pictures in a new spot if I want to move them. I can't just "move" them with my mouse.