Thursday, May 31, 2012

My little helper

My Noah. I've noticed lately just how much he likes to try to help. If he finds something on my usually sparkling clean floor (cough cough) and I say, "Can you bring that to Mommy?" He almost always does and he beams when I say, "Thank you!" all happily. He loves loves loves to be thanked.
Now here he just wanted to get into the dishwasher.
Here he did too but once in there (you can imagine why I usually don't do this why he is awake) he decided to start handing me dishes. Very cute but sorry kiddo, we aren't doing that. :)

Yesterday I was folding laundry and he crawled over and would take a piece of clothing out and hand it to me. Each time I would say my appreciative thank you and each time I got a huge smile. Eventually he started making his way around the laundry basket and after about half the laundry was folded he started trying to push the basket away. :) He's funny.

He loves to walk pushing things. His walking toy, riding toy, laundry name it, it gets pushed. He looks adorable walking....still no walking on his own though.

He is a very sweet boy. He adores Tessa. He is always chasing her down with his walking toy (his favorite thing to do lately), or laying his head on her (or half his body), kissing her or trying to get her to kiss him. Tessa loves him very much but is understandably guarded still. Someday soon they will be best buddies.

Sounds like Noah is up from his nap so this blogging spree is over for now. :)

Noah's infection/allergy

Warning: This is a mighty long story to tell you he was sick and had an allergic reaction. :)

Last Monday afternoon Noah started to feel warm. We gave him some ibuprofen and hoped it would go away.

The next day he still kept spiking a fever. Ibuprofen would lower it but usually wouldn't get rid of it completely.

Yes, I know what you are thinking. Doctor? Well, that's what Jason thought but he thinks Noah needs to go to the doctor every time he sneezes. (Slight exaggeration there but not much) I was hoping it was just a virus that would go away.

Next day (Wednesday) it was still happening. I started to think it must be an infection of some sort. Ear? I called the doctor. Closed. Noah's temperature was 101.

The next morning I called and got him an appointment. Serena had an ultrasound at 9:30 and Noah's appointment was at 11:00 in the same town so we rode with her to save on gas and to see sweet little Issac again. That baby is hilarious. He constantly had his tounge out and at one point had practically his whole hand in his mouth.

So at 11:00 we headed to Noah's doctor. Ear Infection. Poor guy. I should have taken him earlier. It's hard to know when to take your kid to the doctor isn't it? $80 is a lot of money if you go in and they just send you home saying it's a virus that'll go away. So I of course felt the Mommy guilt that mothers sometimes know.

The doctor prescribed Amoxicillin. My first thought'm allergic to Penicillin. Jason isn't. I should have said something although they probably would have given it to him anyway. The next morning I noticed a little rash behind Noah's ears. Is he allergic or maybe just heat rash? When he woke up from his nap he had it several places on his face. I called my mom to ask what my rash looked like when I was a kid. Then I called the doctor. They said to stop giving him the Amoxicillin and they switched his medicine. Poor kid's allergic like me.
 On our way to get his new medicine. I know you can't see the rash in the picture but trust was there.

 Looks miserable doesn't he?

Poor little buddy.

Later that evening he started rubbing his ears very hard. He had a rash behind his ear that was really red. He was so itchy. I paged the doctor at the hospital and he called me back and said to give him liquid Benedryl.

The rash spread all over his body. Finally this Monday he woke up rash free. Thank goodness! I am so happy the rash is gone, although I do admit that I slightly mourn the lose of the Benedryl. He slept in until around 8 everyday he took it. Oh, well. I'd rather have a healthy baby. :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Look alikes

Here is a picture of Jason when he was little.
Remind you of anyone?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Krispy Kreme Burger

Have you ever heard of a Krispy Kreme Burger? Yeah, basically it's a hamburger with a Krispy Kreme donut as the bun. Jason has talked about it several times and this week while at my parent's house we were having hamburgers so Jason, my brother-in-law Mike, and my Dad decided they were going to try one. Unfortunatly they couldn't find any Krispy Kreme donuts so they got Casey donuts.
 The Casey Burger :)
 Jason's first bite.
 Hm...not too bad.
So he liked it. Probably not enough to ever do it again although who knows.
So did I try it? Yuck!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2012
The day I became a mother

March 20, 2011 I became a mother. It was a miracle for me. It was almost 5 years before I found out I was pregnant with Noah. Maybe that's why I tear up every night when I pray with Noah and thank my Heavenly Father for him. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be his mother. It is amazingly hard somedays but is the most worthwhile thing I have ever or will ever do. It is a blessing I will forever be grateful for.

I am also grateful to have the best mother in the entire world and the best mother-in-law in the world. I am so lucky to have them and as much as I could try I could never express how much I love, admire, and appreciate them. Thank you for loving me and showing that love everyday. I also love the way they love my Noah. They are wonderful Grandmas. He is one lucky boy.

Today Noah's gift to me was to sleep in until 8:10. It was amazing. Thanks kid! We'll forget about how he kept literally pushing me aside many times today to get to Jason. :) Also, when I was drying my hair this morning a piece of metal from the hair dryer (not at all sure where it came from) flew off and burned my shoulder really bad. Not a great start but that's as bad as it got so I'm doing pretty good.

We started our trip to visit my parents for Mother's Day. About halfway through Noah had a dirty diaper and was getting fussy so we made a stop to give him some time out of the carseat. He got to do one of his favorite things.


Hey baby...going my way?

I love this one
Taking a catnap. He doesn't sleep well in his upright carseat. But, he looks cute when he does.
He smacked his head into my parents coffee table and got his first goose egg. Poor kid.

Happy Mother's Day to the mothers in my life and to all the people who love my son like a mother. I am so thankful for the love you show us!

A day in the life

There are so many things I love about this boy of mine. Everyday the list gets longer and longer. I need to make a list. Everyday my sweet boy also becomes more and more of a toddler. Here's one of his newest activities.
 Pulling all the DVDs off the shelf.
Looks like fun huh? He also loves buttons. Everything gets pushed. Buttons on the remotes, the volume or power button on the tv, the eject button on the DVD player, you name it...he'll push it.
Noah did this the other day. He'd eat a bite of macaroni and then he'd put one in his lap. It was pretty funny and when he was finished he had a little pile on his lap.

 Little precious sleeper. I could watch him sleep forever...but I don't because when he sleeps I can finally get things done. :)
 We went to lunch the other day with Jason's Grandma, Mom, and his sisters Serena and Becky. We have so much fun with Jason's family. I gave Noah a fry and the next thing I know his fry was in my ketchup. So cute. He kept dipping and then sucking the ketchup off. Little man.
 Here is the cake I made for Serena's graduation cookout. She craves sweets this pregnancy so I thought this would be perfect. Serena graduated with her Respitory Therapy degree on Friday! We are so proud of her. She worked so hard and did so well. My sister's husband Mike just graduated from Law School today and we are proud of him too. So awesome.
Do you notice anything funny about this about the shredded cheese dangling down off his ear? :) So funny. I sure love my little cheese lover.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

pictures of the boy

Noah has started walking while pushing his riding toy. I got a video of it today. Pay attention to the very last second.
Notice that he looks like he was falling over. He was.
Here's his crash. There was a bump on the head and tears. We didn't call the insurance company. :)
My little cheese ball. My nephew Zach wore this little outfit years ago (he's almost 11) and then Andrew wore it and now my little guy. I love that so many of the kids in my family have worn this and he looks so adorable in it. Notice the sock in his hand. :)
 Noah was helping me with the fridge. I put things in....he took things out. You know the way it goes.
Ah trying to drink soy sauce. He is his father's son.
Sleeping with his little tushy up in the air.
I put an Elmo video on for Noah the other day so it would hopefully give me time to get the dishes washed. He usually doesn't watch t.v. very long but when I checked on him a few minutes later this is what I saw.
He really likes this video.
Apparantly he wasn't close enough. :)