Thursday, December 17, 2009


Today is my sister Karen's 28th birthday! In honor of this day I'm going to once again make a list of memories we've shared throughout the years. In fact, I'm going to share 28 of them.
1. "You're rockin' the cradle. Eh eh. Eh eh. Eh eh."
2. Barbies. Need I say more? And yet, I will. "We're doing their hair." You taking FOREVER to actually do their hair. It was pretty genius though. Borrowing Tepka's skipper aged boy barbie for a "school project". Cheerleader toilets. Taping Beauty and the Beast and then having the Barbies act out the play. Playing Jurassic Park songs and having the barbies ice skate to them.

3. Gymnastics. Always wanting to be the youngest in the Olympics.

4. Paper dolls. "I can't stop smiling." Aaron "murdering" of course Sally had to go too. (That kind of reminds me of that lady on Addams Family Values.) "The 4 stoways outside the window." and how we can still remember their names.

5. Riding to school after Seminary with "You know who" (not Voldemort) and how mad you got when he accidentally "you know what." Could that one be any more coded?

6. Kate and Allie - Blockbuster. "Are you doing a school project or something?" "We're babysitting."


8. Nintendo thumbs!

9. Our many cooking shows. Remember the one where you made Kool-aid?

10. Our love of Saved By the Bell. Acting out their Cheers and of course the scene when Kelly breaks up with Zach.

11. Splitting your pants during Institute.

12. At Denny's in Rolla after Institute - "I GOT IT!"

13. Around midnight - "Here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna take a little nap."

14. Finger dancing to the theme song of Arrested Development to "prove" you were awake.

15. Harry Potter trivia in the dark, with candles, "pumpkin pasties", etc. How excited we were to see the first Harry Potter movie. Humming the theme music in Goody's.

16. You dressing up for the Lord of the Rings movie. Hahaha. I still can't believe you did that.

17. Coming home from your first date.

18. The Blue Bikers Club. Remember how we wrote the name of our club in nail polish on the storage closet wall?

19. "I gotta save Jeanette." "I don't want stitches."

20. Playing school with Aaron, Tepka, and Bridget during the summer and then getting really mad because they were going out of town and were going to miss "school". Seriously, didn't they understand priorities?? :)

21. You embellishing a story. "Wait. That never happened."

22. "What did you see at the parade?" "Candy". That was my favorite part too. That and Dad giving us his jacket.

23. "Smiley B"

24. Raking the leaves into a house with hallways, doors, rooms, etc. That was awesome. We have to teach our kids the awesomeness of the leaf house.

25. Blanket tents. We made AWESOME blanket tents. Remember the time we actually used a tent pole?

26. Begis and Bethie B. - You zoning out when I was talking about the book, reading the Rolaids bottle - gas, then the noise outside. As the Stomach Churns - Your long flowing hair. You are but a lowly, worthless servant and I am heir to the Slytherin throne. I'm a mother?

27. Aaron and the orange.

28. Playing school with imaginary students. We were both teachers with our own classes. My students were of course angels and you were over there getting mad at your students. "Billy. I saw that." You were totally getting mad at them. They kept getting answers wrong, etc. (when I remembered this at work I was in the back and I just started laughing. Later, when I was waiting on a customer, I remembered this last part and just starting busting up laughing while waiting on the customer) I finally said something to you about how you were acting to the "students" and you said (and I quote) with an angry, frustrated voice, "Well, they're being bad." HAHAHAHA!! Oh, man!

Karen - I am so blessed to have you as a sister and a best friend. I love you!

Happy Birthday!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Miracle M.

Who needs Miracle Max, when you've got.............
Miracle Martha.
Haha - I crack me up.
These are my in-law's Terry and Martha.
I told my mother-in-law about the whole virus thing and then went to the house to try and put things in order. When I got back to their house Martha was working on our computer to get the viruses off. Turns out that the "virus scanner" was actually a virus. So there's no telling how many viruses we actually have but not 32 malicious ones. What a little jerk. Trying to get me to add more viruses by masquerading as a helpful computer world friend. Stupid virus. See, I told you I don't understand how to do all this virus scan/erase thingy. Luckily there are some smart people out there who do. She's still working on the problem so hopefully soon It'll be back up and running.

New lyrics

Computer bug
Sung to the tune of All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.
All I want for Christmas is a computer bug.
A computer bug,
Yes, a computer bug.
All I want for Christmas is a computer bug,
so I can't post any of my pictures.
In case you missed it, that song was dripping with sarcasm. :) I'm pretty dense when it comes to computer viruses and getting rid of them. All I know is when I finally got the laptop to connect to the internet at my in-laws house the virus scanner popped up and said we have 32 (yes you read right) malicious viruses on the computer. What in the world? Then it said something about not being registered with the anti-virus thing. Yadda yadda yadda. I don't know what they are talking about so I shut it down until we can visit my sister and her wonderful husband who knows computers and can work miracles. Hopefully soon because I have posts backed up from the summer. Probably from last summer but I'm not going back that far. :)
So you'll have to wait a little longer to get the summary of our life since summer and get to hear about what's been happening to keep me from posting (besides the obvious computer bugs that apparantly are on steroids). Our house has been torn up for over a month but we get to move back in today. Yay! But, you'll have to wait until I can upload pictures to hear the full story. Posts are just better with pictures.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Do you see what I see?

Jason and I were driving down the street when we looked over and saw Santa Claus on a motorcycle pulling into IGA. I really wish I had my camera with me. Bummer.
The real question is.....what was Santa doing at IGA? I can only imagine he ran out of cookies.