Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgivings (a.k.a. a really long post)

The weekend before Thanksgiving my side of the family came down to our house for Thanksgiving. It was a ton of fun although it wasn't nearly long enough. My little Kayleen came down too. I used to babysit her starting when she was just a few months old. I haven't seen her in a few years so it was so fun for her to be here. She's 11 now and the sweetest little girl you'll ever meet. I wish I had gotten a picture of her. I can't believe I didn't. I have been really bad at taking pictures lately. Here are a few.

This is my niece Sierra who is 8 sitting with Tessa. Poor little Tessa was so tired. She didn't get her required 20 hours of sleep you know. :)

Here are two of my sisters, Karen and Amy. They made the cutest Thanksgiving garland and placecards.

This is my oldest brother Michael the vampire. I think this picture is funny. (Those are candy corn by the way)

This picture is my favorite. It makes me laugh so hard. Amy took this one and it made me laugh outloud when she called him "Babylegs Beasley". It looks like his legs are mine and that my legs are his and they look like little bitty legs. I love it so much. Too funny.

Then yesterday we had Thanksgiving with Jason's side of the family. I didn't get any pictures of course. It did make me laugh so hard when my nephew Ashton who is 4 was looking out the window at the backyard pool and was concerned about the leaves on the cover of the pool so he got a "wand" and started doing magic. He was saying Abra Kadabra, Bibity Bobity Boo, get the leaves out of the pool, Bibity Bobity Boo, Abra Kadabra, Hocus Pocus. It cracked me up especially with the cute little way 4 year olds speak.

This is the only picture I could find of him. This was taken a year ago. He was winking in this picture.

Then today my sister-in-law Serena and I went to Wal-mart really early to get a couple of deals. I got something for Jason that he will love. I'm so excited for him to open it on Christmas and then I bought a new camera to replace our poor camera with a broken screen. Now maybe I will take more pictures. We always have Christmas the day after Thanksgiving with Jason's Dad and his wife, his sisters and their families, and his aunt and uncle and their three girls. Jason and I got an Ipod from his Dad. Now we just have to figure out how to put songs on it. Then we played a bunch of games. Here are a few pictures from today.

This is Serena's husband Kyle and their son Ethan, 2, at our house right before we left.

Here is Ethan and Jason's cousin Jenna, 7.

This is a picture of Jason's dad Roger, Dave, Vincent-15 months, Kyle, me, Ethan-2, Liz, Jason's step-mom Christine, Serena, Jason, Ashton-4, Seth-11.

Here is Jason, Jason's Uncle Mark, and his cousins Bethany and Corinne.

All in all it's been a fun and eventful few days. We sure love our family.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Puppy Love

I don't think I've ever posted any pictures of our little dog Tessa. She is 2 years old and is a beagle/wire-haired terrier mix. She is the sweetest little dog you will ever meet. She is ALWAYS happy to see any person or animal and will lick you to death. She's also the most emotional little dog you'll ever meet. She is scared to be alone and hates it with a passion. She is the best little baby dog though and we love her. Here are some pictures of her.

This is her sitting on Jason's lap. Crazy little girl.
Her eyes look cloudy in this picture but it cracks me up. It's like one of those cards of the dogs with close up big heads.

She just looks so precious and sweet in this picture.

This one is one of my favorites. I love her little legs. They are so cute!

Jason was petting Tessa the other night and just look at her little front paws wrapped around his arm. What a sweetie.
This was Tessa the other night. She was on my lap and I got up for a few minutes and when I came back this is what I found.

Can you tell we like our little girl? We will have had her for 2 years at the end of January. She was about 10 weeks or so when we got her so he was our little baby from the start.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tag, you're it

So quite awhile ago I got tagged by Natasha so I figure I'd better get going on that. Alright, here goes.

9 TV shows I watch:
disclaimer: This is hard because I don't have cable....yet. I want it for the Christmas specials real bad.
- Lost
- um...
- I need cable
- When I say I need cable I know I don't actually need it
- it's just a waste of time
- and most is trash anyway
- but there are some good shows
- and sometimes you need to just veg out
- especially at Christmas time

9 favorite restaurants:
- Lotawata Creek
- Applebees
- Subway
- Cracker Barrell
- Olive Garden
- Dennys
- Ruby Tuesdays
- Red Robin
- Steak n' Shake

9 things I did yesterday: (this will be fun)
- worked
- did homework
- took a test
- started laundry
- cleaned up water (a few different times) that started pouring out of the laundry room drain (yep our plumbing is screwed up - they are supposed to fix it tomorrow)
- cried
- went back to work because they called me to tell me the register wasn't opening. (I wanted to throw the register against the wall at this point, but I got it to work.)
- went to my in-law's house at 10:30p.m. to take a shower
- finally got to bed around 12:00

9 things I'm looking forward to:
- the end of the semester
- the end of the semester
- the end of the semester
- Family coming this weekend for the Barnard Thanksgiving!!
- Thanksgiving!!
- Christmas!!
- having the plumbing fixed
- finding out the sex of my sister Karen's baby
- the birth of my sister Karen's baby

9 things on my wish list:
- children
- no more school
- to live closer to my side of the family
- central air
- working plumbing
- towels
- a better job
- cable and internet
- less stress :)

9 things I am scared of:
- people I love dying
- the dark
- dumpsters at night
- someone breaking in the house
- being attacked
- not being able to have kids
- war
- being alone at night (are we seeing a pattern here?) :)
- natural disasters

9 people I tag:
If you are reading this you are tagged because I don't have more than 9 people I know that read this. :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Too cute

I have this picture on my computer as the background. I think it is too stinkin' cute so I thought I might as well share it. It's a picture of Jason and his sister Serena when they were little.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Hero

My nephew Seth (who is 11) has been coming to church with us for the last several months. I'm so glad he does because it is so wonderful for him and I really enjoy him coming. Well last week he went to his grandma's house (Jason's mom) after school and he was wearing a hoodie. Jason's mom told him it was a nice sweater but said it was kind of a warm day to be wearing it. Seth said he wore it because it was hero day at school. When she asked who his hero was he said his hero was Jason because "he doesn't smoke or drink and he's a good Christian boy". Isn't that so sweet? My heart melted when I heard what he'd said. What a good boy.