Sunday, April 26, 2009


Okay so I took 2 years of French in high school. The first year I think I averaged a C and the next year I failed........mainly because I never, and I do mean NEVER, studied. So I don't know much French and the little bit that I do remember is very rusty. So, whoever knows French help me out here.
Take a look at my last post, the picture of "Jason" as the man being arrested. Does the sign he's holding up say, "Madam, I do not eat six days."? Because seriously.........that doesn't make all.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The great adventure: Dinner

Well for some reason the format on this post is screwy and I can't fix it so I'm just going with it. This is the grill that my brother Aaron and I found at a yard sale last year. It was almost new and it came with a cover and a full tank of propane. It was only $40 and actually Aaron even bought it for us as a belated combined birthday gift. Pretty sweet huh? So tonight I decided we needed to grill up some burgers. Join us for the adventure. :)

See there I am grilling up the yumminess.

Here is my cutie husband and I (obviously).

Here is the finished product. Professional looking? Not hardly. Delicious? You betcha.

Then we have the boxed macaroni and cheese. It's not even Kraft. It's some brand I bought at Aldi one time and honestly....I like it better than Kraft.
So why am I blogging about dinner? Well.....I don't know.
I think it all started when I was forming the hamburger patties. I had taken the hamburger straight out of the fridge so it was freezing cold on my hands so I said, "Holy cow that's cold." Then I realized what I had said and it totally discusted me. Holy COW. Bleck. :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh, so fun!

This is so awesome....and totally fun. I am wasting WAY too much time doing this so I think I'd better send this off into blogland and then get myself into dreamland. *That was a bit cheesy.....but true* :)

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

*Sheepish grin*

Okay this is maybe a little bit embarrasing just because of the whole pre-teen pop sensation thing but I love Miley Cyrus's new song, "The Climb". I do. It's good and it has a really good moral. So, there it is. So to recap - The song is good. Listen to it. :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Wedding

I'm in catch up mode here and here's another post that needs posting before it's too late. For some very wierd reason when I uploaded these pictures instead of showing the picture so I can write underneath just gives me a bunch of codes so I can't tell where the end of one picture is to write underneath it. So, I'm just going to make a list. My sister-in-law Becky got married on March 20th. I was a bridesmaid and Jason was a groomsmen. It was of course stressful to get there but it was a fun night and we are happy to add her husband Keith as a true member of the family. Okay the pictures.
1. This was taken the night before the wedding as we were finishing decorating the reception room. I made this heart out of a string of red and white lights and then put it over the cake table. It turned out pretty cool I must say although this picture doesn't do it any justice.
2. This is a picture of my nephews Ashton (4) and Ethan (2) the same night.
3. Here is Ethan and me.
4. Here is of course Jason and I before we headed to the post reception, reception at La Cabana here in Salem.
5. This is my nephew Vincent (19 months) and Ethan at La Cabana. Ethan has always considered Vincent his baby and loves to hug him.
6. Here is my other nephew (notice a trend here?) Seth at La Cabana. He's looking so handsome.
7. Here is Ashton blowing bubbles at La Cabana. There were little vials of bubbles on the tables at the reception and they turned out to be a hit with the kids.....some of the adults too.
8. Here is Vincent and me again at La Cabana. :) (another trend)
9. Okay these last 2 pictures were taken by the photographer. This is a picture of the groom and his groomsmen. Jason is on the left and Keith (the groom) is the next one. I don't remember the other men's names. This picture is funny because the groom and I believe all his groomsmen (excluding Jason) smoke so Keith said, Let's take a picture of all of us with a cigarette. Jason and I just looked at each other. So they took the picture and Jason felt so awkward. The picture is kind of cool though in a way. It looks like an album cover.
10. Here is Becky, her mother (my mommy-in-law), and her bridesmaids, Liz, Serena (both are Becky's sisters), Martha (the momma), Becky, me, and Becky's friend April (who was the maid of honor).
I know I don't have very many pictures of me and Jason and none of Becky and Keith together but you have to take what you can get right? :) Well the major catch ups are over for now I think.....well I have one more about ducks. I can't promise it will be the next post but it's coming up soon. For right now....I'm off to bed.

"Too little too late".... or is it "to little to late"?

So I just realized that I am way behind in my blogging. Mostly because the posts that require a lot of pictures I tend to put off because I hate trying to move pictures around on the blog. It is so difficult and I always seem to accidentally erase at least one of the pictures. So I procrastinate (imagine that). I just remembered I never posted about my brother Aaron leaving on his mission. I had pictures to post and all so I decided to bite the bullet and post them. I went to the page to add the pictures and then I pictures are gone. Sad. So, I guess I will just tell you I had pictures and it would have been great. There was one in particular I wanted to post. Karen and I were being silly and standing on either side of him at the airport looking up with a wierd admiring look and Aaron was looking straight ahead with a pained look on his face. Priceless. Anyway, Aaron left for the MTC in the beginning of February (the 3rd I think). He is now serving in the Fresno, California mission and is doing great. It's wierd to think that he is gone. It's been 2 months already but at the same time it feels like a lot longer. I am already looking forward to him coming home (in 22 months that is). I saw a picture of me with him in the background and it made me sad. I miss that boy but I'm so happy he is where he is. He's a pretty awesome brother. If anyone knows him my Mom writes parts of his letters (or sometimes a summary of a letter) on his mission blog. The link is on my blog list under Elder Barnard. So this would have been better with pictures.....and probably if I wrote it 2 months ago when he actually left, but there it is. :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It happens to us all at one time or another.

Oh Barbie, Barbie, Barbie. Where did you go wrong? Did you have too many W.A.N.S.I. parties? :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I used to love to watch Hallmark movies as a kid because they played good Hallmark commercials in between. Today I decided to play around on youtube and see if I could find some of them. I couldn't. Well, I did find one of them but that is all. There is one more I remember off the top of my head but I can't find it. Bummer. Seriously though, this old Hallmark commercial borders the line at sappy (it might even cross the line) but I love it. The little boy's acting is so good and I'm embarrased to admit that I totally teared up while watching it. That's not saying much though because I tear up at the stupidest of things. That said, I still think this commercial is sweet.


A few weeks ago I pulled into the driveway after work and saw this tree in our front yard. I gasped. I didn't know we had one. They are so pretty. FYI: these trees are gorgeous BUT they stink. When I got up close to take a picture I thought, "What in the world is that smell?" Come to find out, it was the tree. It smells a bit like the monkey house at the zoo. I don't think you can smell it unless you are up close though.

Isn't it beautiful? I love those flowers. I like the pink version of this tree too.
I would really love to have a Magnolia tree in my yard. Just look at these flowers. They are so pretty.
I also want to have some Lilac trees. They are not only pretty but the smell is fantastic. The rent house we lived in for 2 years before buying this house had one in the side yard. They don't bloom for very long but when they do. Oh! I loved to walk by it to take the dog out. Fake lilac smell can not even begin to compare to the true lilac tree. If you have never smelled one then you should go out right now and sniff away.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The cuteness

Did you notice my cute little dragon on our new fridge? I love this little guy. I got him 2 or 3 years ago and he's so cute and it's so fun to position him in different ways. Hm...the thought just occured to me. I never named him? Isn't that weird? Or is it totally weird that I think it's weird that I never named him? Hm...

A day in life........of a fridge.

Right before I left for work this morning I noticed that the things in the freezer weren't frozen anymore. Kind of defeats the purpose there huh? Anyway, here is our poor broken fridge that I loved.

It was so pretty and had lovely glass shelves. I was so disappointed we had to lose our newish fridge. (Well, we didn't really lose it. It's now in the shed where we plan to someday get it fixed later down the road.
Luckily Jason's Grandma had an extra fridge in her garage. They had bought a new one a few years ago. So she gave us this one. We are so blessed to have such a loving family.

My father-in-law, Terry, and Jason took the old fridge to the shed and brought the new one to our house. There is only one problem. It's been raining so much lately (and actually it sleeted today - I don't know what's up with that.) that our yard is swampish. It's wet, soggy, muddy, and just plain discusting. (In fact Tessa had to have another bath today because she was so muddy.) Anyway, Terry drove his truck into the backyard and backed up to the deck. That was great except when he tried to leave it didn't exactly work.

Friday, April 3, 2009


This post gets no picture for a very important reason. I have none. So, our computer was nice and broken. Broken and sick. It would not do anything when you turned it on. Well, that's not exactly true. It turned on and kept trying to boot up but it just kept running numbers across the screen in a really wierd way and that's all it would do....over and over and over again. My brother-in-law finally fixed it BUT the problem is he had to totally redo the computer. (I seriously don't know the technical terms.) So (I just had to take a break from this to wash a muddy footed dog that just came in from the backyard tracking mud into the house - stinkin' rain) So we lost everything that was on our computer including all of our pictures. It's so sad. All the pictures we've taken over the last year and a half are gone. Although, on the bright side, I have a partially wettish dog lying on my lap as I type this. So........good times. :(

Oh, I forgot the best part of the day (and this time I'm not being sarcastic). :) I went to IGA here in town and they have their 10 for 10 deals and they had IGA shredded cheese on sale for a dollar. I bought 8 and threw them in the freezer but I think I should have bought more. Maybe I'm crazy for being so excited about it but, I love finding good deals.