Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"It's snowing..It's snowing....It's sno-o-o-wing."

Well we got the sleet/freezing rain and then some snow. Finally we got more than (as Karen would say) dandruff. It may cause problems which I hate but I do like snow.......for a little while anyway. We got some more sleet today but unfortunatly no more snow. Maybe later, although I think I'm quite okay to be done with it.This is a picture of our backyard taken from the doorway of my kitchen which was much warmer then it was outside so that's where I stayed hidden.
After I got home from work today Jason and I played a few games on Wii Sports and then decided to go play in the snow a bit. Jason and Tessa ran around for awhile until Jason started throwing snowballs at her. It freaked her out so she ran back to the house and went inside. Poor girl, being beaten up by her "daddy". We did get her to back outside though.
Jason and I made snowangels. I haven't made one of those in so many years. You can't see much from this picture. I had invisioned the perfect picture of our snowangels side by side. You can see how that worked out. :) Here we are after our snowball fight. Actually there weren't too many real snowballs. It isn't very good packing snow. Mostly our "snowballs" were hand (or arm) loads of snow being thrown at each other.

Aren't we adorable? :)


Russell and Ashley Forrest said...

I love the pictures!!!! and your hat!!

Amy said...

Awesome. I haven't stepped out all day. I am hoping for lots of snow, though.

You look like you just stepped out of a classic movie (40's or 50's) in that second picture. That hat looks better on you than on Zach.

Jennifer said...

I really don't have anything critical to say here... but I quite enjoy that hat you're wearing. For some reason anytime I buy a hat, my (apparently oversized) head doesn't fit in it.

Karen said...

Love the title - so very PeeWee-y. The second picture does look like you should be standing next to Clark Gable, not a guy who looks like he's going to bite me. I wish I could roll down the hill, but alas, I would be rolling for two....dangerously.