Friday, July 13, 2012


A peek into our day today

Peekaboo is one of Noah's favorite things lately. There's nothing cuter then him holding up a pair of his shorts over his eyes to play. He absolutely loves hiding behind the living room curtains. He laughs so hard.

Then of course I had to throw in his cool guy picture. I've heard him say his version of glasses twice now when he hands them to me to put on his face. Then he crawls off in them and then takes them off 5 seconds later. :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lessons Learned

Today I learned 2 things.

I keep saying that we need to give Tessa a bath....but then I don't do it. So today I decided it was time. I took Noah outside and put him in his swing while I brushed Tessa.

He loves to swing.

And he loved watching Tessa be brushed. Really she did a whole lot better then she usually does when I brush her.

Mr. Cutie Pants

So then I thought okay surely this will go okay. Noah will watch her take a bath and probably think it is funny. Which he did....for a few minutes. He then proceeded to find the extra rolls of toilet paper. I told him to please not tear it all up. He didn't. A few seconds later I see the whole roll dropped into the bathtub. Doesn't he know that's a precious commodity? :)
So then while I was sudsing her up in goes a large piece of toilet paper that he had managed to take off before throwing it in, then a paper, then a washcloth (that one....not such a big deal).

Did I mention that Tessa hates taking baths? Please ignore the tub. I know it needs to be scrubbed. BUT, you can look at the water in the tub. Yeah, she needed a bath.

Luckily he hasn't learned to open doors yet, although he is sure trying.

After I rinsed Tessa I was trying to stop Noah from doing something when Tessa jumped out of the tub soaking the floor and me and then proceeded to shake. She ran back and forth in the bathroom and when I finally opened the door she ran out and started rolling her wet body all over the couchs and our bed. I kept chasing her room to room yelling at her to get off. Noah actually thought this part was funny.

Yes. Lesson learned. I will never (ever) bathe her again while I am home alone with Noah. Case closed.

Lesson 2.

Never feed Noah a banana in the living room. No.....never hand him the last little bit of a banana because he will take a few nibbles and then shove the rest in his mouth. He will then proceed to gag on it and try to pull it out of his mouth while you are trying to do the same thing. Then he will fling the mashed up banana and get it all over me and the couch.

That one should have been a no brainer.

All in all, we've had a pretty good day despite these few things. I sure love that little boy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A birth, Noah adventures, and a funeral

First things first.....this is my newest nephew. Issac Jason born on June 23. Isn't he adorable? We sure love this little guy.

Noah is getting to be such a busy guy. It is so fun to see him learning new things. He gets so proud of himself when he can do them. He can walk but ....chooses not to I guess. He will walk from Jason to me and back about 4-5 steps but if we aren't playing this "game" then he just crawls....oh well.

He can now climb. He can even get up on our bed now. These things make me nervous but I am also proud. It helps that he has started getting off of things by going feet first (which doesn't mean I haven't had to catch him a few times).

Every once and awhile I hear a word....Jason doesn't believe me because he rarely does it again for awhile and they don't sound exactly like the word but he is saying things. I hear it.

He is still loving a bottle of milk in the morning and evening and occationally mid day (always at church on Sunday). I suppose someday I will have to be tough and take it away but that day is not today. :)

He LOVES playing with his cousins Ethan and Ashton and luckily they love Noah and play with him often. He is facinated with Issac but is jealous when I hold him and is still learning to be gentle. Before I could stop him he hit Issac in the face......sorry little buddy.

Noah has picked up some pretty killer dance moves. It is so much fun to watch him dance. Makes me laugh.

I couldn't figure out where he came up with the new moves though. Then tonight he was watching his Elmocize video that he loves and was dancing to it and I realized that his moves come from their exercises. :) It's pretty adorable. I tried to video him dancing to the video but he of course stopped when I pushed record but here is a clip of the movie that he likes the best.

Can you see how he picked up those moves? Reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite learning dance moves from the video.

Sadly, last Monday my brother-in-law Kyle's mother passed away. We are so sorry for your loss Kyle. I knew her a little bit and she was very nice and adored her grandsons. We are so glad she was able to meet Issac before she passed.
 Here is Noah on the way home from the visitation. Notice the pretzels? One in each hand. He was very hungry and very tired......Tired won out.
 Noah and I were able to go to the funeral. It was a beautiful service. When we were leaving the cemetary the funeral director handed out a rose to each person. Noah loved it. He looked so sweet holding it and smelling it.
Is this not a completely precious picture?
Yes.... he took a bite right after I snapped this picture. He made quite the face. Apparantly roses don't taste good.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Jason

Happy 30th Birthday Jason! I love you!

 cvbnbn vf aqs8/15-*98547

That was a message from Noah. I'm pretty sure it says, "Happy Birthday Daddy. I love you! Come play with me non stop." :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cardinal game

Okay before I just give up and never post about our Cardinal game I figured I better just do it. So my sister-in-law Liz gave us Cardinal tickets for my birthday. I love the Cardinals. Let me say that again...I love the Cardinals. :) So on June 16th we headed to St. Louis. Another of my sister-in-law's Serena and her husband Kyle were our babysitters for the day. Thanks guys. Serena was due 6 days later so we are grateful she held off. :)

 We took the metro which I had never done. It's longer but you don't have to make your way through St. Louis traffic and you don't have to pay for parking which was $20 the last time we went to a game.  I snapped a picture of the arch as we crossed the river.

 Busch Stadium

Waiting for the game to start. It was a sunny day and SO hot. 94 degrees....although now I'm glad it wasn't 106 like it has been lately.

Liz got us awesome seats. I have never sat so low. I was a little worried that a foul ball would smack me in the face but it was fine. :) We were closer to the field then the pictures look.

I zoomed in and got a picture of Matt Holliday out there in the field but unfortunatly it's on my regular camera which....yeah...has no cable.

It was an awesome game. 4 hours long. We were grateful to find a water fountain to refill our water bottles because we had to stay hydrated but we were not about to pay $5.25 for a 16 oz bottle of water. Crazy.

Somewhere around the 5th inning we took a break and went inside to get out of the sun. It was brutal out there. We were so sweaty. At one point we stood up to cheer and the seat of Jason's pants were soaked with sweat. I asked him how in the world they got like that and then we realized mine were just as bad. So hot. At one point in the game Jason took a few pieces of ice (we went to a stand to try and buy cups of ice and he gave it to us free - yay) and put them in his hat and then tried to whip his hat onto his head. The ice flew out of his hat and into the lap of the guy behind us. So hilarious. We apologized but the guy just said, "It doesn't feel to bad." :)
I seriously don't know how so many of those girls at the game didn't look all sweaty and their hair still looked perfect. I was dripping in sweat and my hair was plastered to my head.

Fred bird....yeah I realize you can't really see him well so it's looks pretty much like I took a picture of the beer vendor. :)

I told Jason he should have worn sunscreen. Do you see where his bandaid was?

Back home with my boy and I did wear sunscreen and even reapplied. Good thing too or I'd have been lobster red.

Oh we sat next to this lady that was so funny. She was a bit eccentric and made us laugh. She even brought cheese slices to eat.

It was so much fun and I wish we could go again. Actually our friends invited us to go with them in a week and I really wanted to go but unfortunatly tickets aren't that would be awesome!

We won 10-7......apparantly the couple in front of us thought it was romantic. :)