Monday, January 26, 2009

When it rains it........sleets.

We are supposed to get some bad weather tonight and tomorrow. Snow and sleet (wintery mix they say). Jason got an Applebees gift card for Christmas and has been dying to go so we finally went this evening. The bad weather wasn't supposed to start until after 6 so we went early. Remember our "good" car has no heat and our "bad" car has heat but the windshield wipers have stopped working. What's up with that? So anyway we finished eating and left Applebees (before 6) and it was already sleeting. Shoot. So we get in the car and drive home as carefully as we can. Without a defroster/heat the sleet froze immediatly onto the windshield so we had to pull over several times to scrape the windshield and jump back in the car to try and go another 1/2 mile or so. We took the back road so there would be less traffic.
These pictures aren't the best but here is a picture of the car in the garage after we got back. I was so scared on the way home. Darn ice.
Half way home the ice either slowed down or something because we didn't have to pull over as much to scrape the windshield. This was Jason's view by that point. I'm really glad that it stopped freezing so fast because.........................

this was my view. I was seriously freaked out not being able to see anything. I had to try not to look at the windshield so I wouldn't freak out. At one point I looked up and saw the brake lights to the car in front of us and I kid you not they were right in front of us. So, I started yelling at Jason to "STOP" while freaking out even more because he wasn't stopping. Jason on the other hand was trying to figure out why I was screaming to stop the car since the car in front of us was actually pretty far away. Golly! What an adventure for a 3-5 mile car trip home. Needless to say we are home safe and sound and not planning any trips out tonight even though we have a movie that's overdue. Sigh! More money. We didn't get it returned yesterday and we brought it with us to return after we ate but we thought it was more important to get home. I hate paying late fees. Such a waste of money if you aren't even watching the movie anymore. So we paid $2.60 for the movie and now it will be 2 days late. Does that mean we have to pay $5.20 more? Probably so. The really irritating thing is that you could pay $2.60 for one night or $3.10 for 5 nights. They always try to put it in the computer for 5 nights so as to get more money. We want to save money so we always tell them we only want it for one night. See how well that worked out for us? (Could you feel the sarcasm dripping off that one?) :) Oh, well. What's done is done. We'll just have to pay $7.80 for a darn movie (we could have bought it for not much more than that) and move on. Maybe I can sled there. Alas! No sled.


Anonymous said...

oh pretty girl.... sigh. It's okay! Now you are warm and cozy in your home and no harm can come to you. Plus, no murders are out in this weather and Jase is home to slay the dragons! See? There's a bright side after all! Put on your jammies and have some yummy hot cocoa, watch some Dr. Quinn, "It'll make ya feel betta" (New York Jewish mom talk.... like me, ya know... Jewish and whatnot). My headache is finally better thanks to you and the ibuprophen idea. Kudos and a wink too.

lizS said...

lol! who knew going to applebee's would be such a death defying adventure?