Monday, June 29, 2009


Jason and I finally traded in our old car for a newer reliable one that has air conditioning, the windows work, doesn't have 210,000 miles, has two side mirrors, the windshield wipers work, etc. Good news indeed. We bought a 2008 Chevy Malibu LT. We bought it today and we are so excited. So, muster up some excitment and get ready to view our new baby. :)
Yay! Oh, and notice our freshly (finally) cut and weedeated front yard. Double yay!
So clean and awesome.
Look at the back of the front seats. I love how they are carved out a little bit in order to give the person in the back seat more leg room. Coming from a family of tall people I can fully appreciate this. Oh, and the back seats fold down so if I ever decide to go crazy and own skis I can transport them in the trunk AND in the backseat. Sweet. :)
You might as well see the whole car.
Here are our cars side by side. A Ford and a Chevy. Our poor Taurus now has over 150,000 miles. We sure know how to pile on the miles, but it is now paid off and it's still working well for us......except in the winter since the heater doesn't work, BUT the Malibu's heater works. :)

First things first

Okay, first things first. My blog apparantly left a comment telling me it was time to update (yes, and it did write that quite awhile ago) and what did it ask for? Well, pictures of little Andrew of course so I thought I'd better do what it asked for and upload some pictures. As you can tell I have a hard time selecting photos of him to post because I want to post them all.....which I didn't. He's just too cute. So there are a lot of pictures but I just couldn't help myself. Just wait until it's my own kid someday. Imagine how hard it would be for me to weed through pictures then. :)

All dressed and ready for his first day at church.
Drew and his daddy. I love the cute little look Andrew is making. So cute.After church Mike showed Andrew what men did after church...take their ties off. It was so cute.

Sleeping baby. Actually, a rare thing in deed. Unless he decides to mix it up and sleep all day which apparantly happens once in a while.

Sweet, sweet baby.

He makes the funniest faces in the world. He's already a riot and he's not even a month old.

Just cute.
Funny baby.
So my little blog I do hope you are find this post to be as blog-worthy as I do. Since you have the same name as the mother of this adorable child I do think you will be pleased. Now, go and give him a kiss from me.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Amy!

Today is my sister Amy's birthday. I could go on and on with how much I love and appreciate her but I will sum it up with these few things. She is and always has been very caring. She is so crafty and amazes me with what she makes. She can decide to learn something and then does it wonderfully. One of the things she decided to teach herself was photography and she is amazing at it.
We have so much fun together. I love hanging out with my sisters. It's also important to realize that my sister Laura isn't in this picture and she is included in the fun....just not the picture. :)

It amazes me how much we all look alike (again, Laura too but I have a limited supply of pictures and unfortunatly there weren't any with Laura in them) even though I think we look very different too.

She is a good Mom to her little guy, Zach. She always takes him to many different hands on learning, completely fun trips like the Science Center, Zoo, The Magic House, weekly trips to the library, etc. He knows so many different things and I think that's great.

She married a man who may not be perfect (since none of us are) but is truely perfect for her. He is also very caring and loving and has been just another brother to us from day one. He is always so good to Amy. (So, yeah. I took this picture from your blog too. :) *sheepish grin* I wanted one with Mike in it and I think you look so cute in this picture.)
So, on this very special day I just wanted you to know, Amy just how much I love you.
Happy Birthday!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'd like you to meet.....

Andrew Wyatt
Early this morning (3:36 to be exact) sweet little Drew finally made his appearance. He weighed 8 lbs 1 oz and was 20 1/4" long. Karen and Andrew are both healthy and doing well and Karen and Mike are tired but so very happy. She had a pretty long labor (17.5 hours) but just look what it brought her. He is so sweet. We got to go to the hospital this morning to visit. I kind of stole the above picture from Amy (because let's face it....her pictures are better than mine) but the rest are ones I took. I didn't think you would mind Amy. If you look at Karen's blog you will notice that there are many of the same pictures. That's because she obviously couldn't do much blog updating for a little while, but wanted to let you all see this precious little guy. So she told me what to write and I updated it for her. So there isn't much of a variation of pictures even though I have a ton of the little cutie because I (of course) picked some of the ones I thought were cutest. I'm sure (very sure) there will be more pictures soon. Here is Karen with Drew. I don't think she could be any happier.
Sweet, sweet baby.

Okay this kid cracks me up. When anyone took the blankets off of him he would stretch out his little legs and keep them that way for quite awhile. It was hilarious. He would be sleeping away like this. His cute little legs just sticking straight out in the air. So funny.
Congratulations Karen and Mike. He is so precious!