Monday, September 1, 2008

The end of August

School. What can I say about school. School is good. School is great. School makes you smarter. I wish I was done with school. :) I'm back in school this semester and am still freaking out since I have papers, papers, and more papers to do this semester. I'm taking Health, English 102, Marriage and the Family, and Child Psychology. Fun times. I really do like to learn but I HATE papers. It's mostly the English research paper I freak out about. Yikes. I suppose I will move on to better subjects. (I just laughed out loud at my choice of words - oh yeah).

We had 3 birthdays in our family this month. I already wrote about my brother's birthday a few posts ago. Our nephew Vincent had his birthday on the 22nd. A year ago I was able to be there when he made his grand appearance. That was pretty awesome. Now that sweet baby is 1 years old. Here are a couple of pictures of him on his birthday.

Here's Vincent at his birthday lunch......well, we went out to lunch on his birthday. What a cutie.

Here is the little birthday cake I made just for Vincent. Every 1 year old should get to smash their own cake.

I think it was a success. Could he be any cuter?

Then on the 26th Jason's mom had a birthday. I forgot my camera that day so I had to steal a picture from a family friend who had hers.

She's pretty darn cute herself. What a good family we have.