Friday, December 3, 2010

Baby updates

Things have been going pretty well around here. I did have an 8 cm cyst on one of my ovaries that they said they thought would go down. We sure hoped it would because they were talking about having to do surgery if it didn't. But, luckily when we went to our ultrasound on Tuesday to check on it, it had reduced so now it is only around 6.5 cm. I go back in another month to check on it again. We are very glad it's doing what it is supposed to. We got to see our little man again. This is the second ultrasound we had where he put his legs over his head. He's so silly. Here he is with his legs up. I love this picture. It's so cute. He really is a funny little guy. I'm not sure if it's just comfortable, he's showing off, or he's practicing his wrestling moves so he can wrestle with his Daddy someday. All I know is it is adorable.
Maybe he's practicing so he can put his legs up so it's easier to change his diaper. What a good boy. Something tells me this isn't so.
I love this one too. I think he is just starting to put his legs up but it looks kind of like he is walking up the side of my uterus or something.
Here's his sweet little profile.
In every ultrasound we've ever gotten he is ALWAYS moving around. The ultrasound tech had to work very hard to get this profile for us. This kid still has no name and it looks like it will be awhile before he gets one but we still have time. I've started having dreams where he is born and I get to see him. It has made me so excited for him to come. I want to hold him so bad. Although, I obviously want him to make it until around the end of March. I just want it to be the end of March now. :)