Thursday, December 17, 2009


Today is my sister Karen's 28th birthday! In honor of this day I'm going to once again make a list of memories we've shared throughout the years. In fact, I'm going to share 28 of them.
1. "You're rockin' the cradle. Eh eh. Eh eh. Eh eh."
2. Barbies. Need I say more? And yet, I will. "We're doing their hair." You taking FOREVER to actually do their hair. It was pretty genius though. Borrowing Tepka's skipper aged boy barbie for a "school project". Cheerleader toilets. Taping Beauty and the Beast and then having the Barbies act out the play. Playing Jurassic Park songs and having the barbies ice skate to them.

3. Gymnastics. Always wanting to be the youngest in the Olympics.

4. Paper dolls. "I can't stop smiling." Aaron "murdering" of course Sally had to go too. (That kind of reminds me of that lady on Addams Family Values.) "The 4 stoways outside the window." and how we can still remember their names.

5. Riding to school after Seminary with "You know who" (not Voldemort) and how mad you got when he accidentally "you know what." Could that one be any more coded?

6. Kate and Allie - Blockbuster. "Are you doing a school project or something?" "We're babysitting."


8. Nintendo thumbs!

9. Our many cooking shows. Remember the one where you made Kool-aid?

10. Our love of Saved By the Bell. Acting out their Cheers and of course the scene when Kelly breaks up with Zach.

11. Splitting your pants during Institute.

12. At Denny's in Rolla after Institute - "I GOT IT!"

13. Around midnight - "Here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna take a little nap."

14. Finger dancing to the theme song of Arrested Development to "prove" you were awake.

15. Harry Potter trivia in the dark, with candles, "pumpkin pasties", etc. How excited we were to see the first Harry Potter movie. Humming the theme music in Goody's.

16. You dressing up for the Lord of the Rings movie. Hahaha. I still can't believe you did that.

17. Coming home from your first date.

18. The Blue Bikers Club. Remember how we wrote the name of our club in nail polish on the storage closet wall?

19. "I gotta save Jeanette." "I don't want stitches."

20. Playing school with Aaron, Tepka, and Bridget during the summer and then getting really mad because they were going out of town and were going to miss "school". Seriously, didn't they understand priorities?? :)

21. You embellishing a story. "Wait. That never happened."

22. "What did you see at the parade?" "Candy". That was my favorite part too. That and Dad giving us his jacket.

23. "Smiley B"

24. Raking the leaves into a house with hallways, doors, rooms, etc. That was awesome. We have to teach our kids the awesomeness of the leaf house.

25. Blanket tents. We made AWESOME blanket tents. Remember the time we actually used a tent pole?

26. Begis and Bethie B. - You zoning out when I was talking about the book, reading the Rolaids bottle - gas, then the noise outside. As the Stomach Churns - Your long flowing hair. You are but a lowly, worthless servant and I am heir to the Slytherin throne. I'm a mother?

27. Aaron and the orange.

28. Playing school with imaginary students. We were both teachers with our own classes. My students were of course angels and you were over there getting mad at your students. "Billy. I saw that." You were totally getting mad at them. They kept getting answers wrong, etc. (when I remembered this at work I was in the back and I just started laughing. Later, when I was waiting on a customer, I remembered this last part and just starting busting up laughing while waiting on the customer) I finally said something to you about how you were acting to the "students" and you said (and I quote) with an angry, frustrated voice, "Well, they're being bad." HAHAHAHA!! Oh, man!

Karen - I am so blessed to have you as a sister and a best friend. I love you!

Happy Birthday!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Miracle M.

Who needs Miracle Max, when you've got.............
Miracle Martha.
Haha - I crack me up.
These are my in-law's Terry and Martha.
I told my mother-in-law about the whole virus thing and then went to the house to try and put things in order. When I got back to their house Martha was working on our computer to get the viruses off. Turns out that the "virus scanner" was actually a virus. So there's no telling how many viruses we actually have but not 32 malicious ones. What a little jerk. Trying to get me to add more viruses by masquerading as a helpful computer world friend. Stupid virus. See, I told you I don't understand how to do all this virus scan/erase thingy. Luckily there are some smart people out there who do. She's still working on the problem so hopefully soon It'll be back up and running.

New lyrics

Computer bug
Sung to the tune of All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.
All I want for Christmas is a computer bug.
A computer bug,
Yes, a computer bug.
All I want for Christmas is a computer bug,
so I can't post any of my pictures.
In case you missed it, that song was dripping with sarcasm. :) I'm pretty dense when it comes to computer viruses and getting rid of them. All I know is when I finally got the laptop to connect to the internet at my in-laws house the virus scanner popped up and said we have 32 (yes you read right) malicious viruses on the computer. What in the world? Then it said something about not being registered with the anti-virus thing. Yadda yadda yadda. I don't know what they are talking about so I shut it down until we can visit my sister and her wonderful husband who knows computers and can work miracles. Hopefully soon because I have posts backed up from the summer. Probably from last summer but I'm not going back that far. :)
So you'll have to wait a little longer to get the summary of our life since summer and get to hear about what's been happening to keep me from posting (besides the obvious computer bugs that apparantly are on steroids). Our house has been torn up for over a month but we get to move back in today. Yay! But, you'll have to wait until I can upload pictures to hear the full story. Posts are just better with pictures.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Do you see what I see?

Jason and I were driving down the street when we looked over and saw Santa Claus on a motorcycle pulling into IGA. I really wish I had my camera with me. Bummer.
The real question is.....what was Santa doing at IGA? I can only imagine he ran out of cookies.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Let's try this again.

Okay so last year I went to and put my picture and my husband's picture in and it showed us what "our" babies would look like. They were pretty ugly. So I decided to try it again. They still have a real wierdness to them. It's like they are trying to put older facial features on a baby, but at least they are much more attractive than last years. :) I have a lot to post about as your house is ripped up at the moment. I'll post about that later though.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

General Conference

The first weekend in October was General Conference. I went to Amy and Mike's house to watch Conference. Karen and Mike went too. Here is Andrew during Conference (yes I know I shouldn't be snapping pictures during Conference but he was so adorable.
He loves that toy. No, he isn't sitting up on his own. He did a lot of falling over. :)
Zach was so cute playing with Andrew. He loves to make him smile. Of course who doesn't? Notice Andrew has discovered the joy of his feet. So funny.
This was actually the first picture snapped (yes, we've already discussed the fact that I should have been doing more watching than snapping.) :) But, I looked down to see this and it was just to precious.
Andrew and his daddy. Totally adorable.

Disclaimer: I did also watch Conference and it was only the one Saturday session that I took pictures at. :)


Check it out. Can you see Tessa's tongue sticking out while she was sleeping?

Ethan's sleepover

A little over a month ago we had Ethan come over and spend the night. He was thrilled. When we got in the car to head to our house he said, "Ready guys?" He was just as cute as could be. Well on the way to the house he was already planning what we were going to do. He wanted to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks (he's a bit obsessed with that movie). In the car he told us that "Princesses are for girls. Alvin and the Chipmunks are for boys." Totally cracked us up.
Ethan and Jason smiling for the camera. Kids in jammies = ADORABLE.
I can only imagine they were discussing something Chipmunk related. :)
Ethan said to take a picture of the I did.
The next morning Ethan watched some Sesame Street (Old School on DVD) and then decided to watch The Muppet Movie. I swear we did other things besides watch movies the whole time. :) Disclaimer: We didn't even watch 1/4 of that movie.
You guessed it. "Take a picture of the movie." Notice the row of DVD's laying on the floor. It must be little kids favorite thing to do. :)
Silly little Ethan. Tessa loves it when the kids come over. We spend a lot of time trying to keep her from bowling them over so she can kiss them to death.
We had a really good time and Ashton keeps reminding us that it's his turn next (which it is). If nothing comes up this weekend you may be getting a new post titled.....can you guess? Ashton's sleepover. :)

Be one with the hoop.

I always get to busy or lazy to post things I want to so I figured now's the time to do a little bit of catch up. It still won't be even close to what I wanted but at least some of it will get posted. These pictures were taken.....sometime this summer. It started with Ethan - 3 on the left (Ashton - 4 is on the right) playing with the little basketball. He wanted to shoot it in the basketball hoop in Jason's mom's driveway but there were 3 problems with that. 1. He is too little to get the ball up there. 2. We didn't want him to hit the car that was parked near the hoop. 3. We didn't want the ball to smash the vegetables in the garden. SO, I decided to become the hoop. I held my arms out with fingertips touching in a big circle in true hoop fashion and Ethan shot the ball into the "hoop". Then we found one of those little basketball hoops for children in the garage....or by the garage....I can't remember. There wasn't a base so we propped it up along the fence and the kids had a blast. They were so cute and actually were pretty darn good for their age. So I snapped some pictures so Uncle Jase could see (he wasn't there) and he could be so proud. Which he was. Jason loves basketball...and when I say love what I mean is L-O-V-E LOVES basketball. :)

Aren't they adorable?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Monster Mash

I can't get this to post the actual video but click on the link to watch it. It is so worth it. It's hilarious. We laughed pretty stinkin' hard.

Click here.

Craft Day

Yesterday we had a Relief Society Craft Day at the church. I had so much fun. Here are the things that I made. I wish the pictures were a little better but since I don't have the worlds best camera or Amy's photography skills then I just have to take what I can get. I've been saying for years that I want to learn from Amy some of the tricks but it just doesn't happen. I wish we lived closer to her. I also want to learn to make a bird feeder she made and quilted baby blankets. I also want to learn to make some of the adorable paper crafts Karen makes. Someday I'm going to take time off work and have sister craft days. :)
Candy corn pot
Wall hanging. I'm trying to decide how to make it a little bit less plain.

Felt turkey. It is even cuter in person. Seriously so cute.

I also made an ornament but it disappeared before I came home.
I have the desire to be more crafty so hopefully soon I'll rise to the challenge. :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Oldies but Goodies

Just another reason why I love my family.
We have so much fun!!

Happy Birthday!

I am getting so far behind since we don't have internet at home. This is my Mom and Dad (yes they are just that cute). Wednesday was my Mom's birthday and I think she deserves a post about it so she knows just how much I love and appreciate her. Last weekend Karen told me 2 different times that I was doing something like my mom and it made me happy. I think it's funny that you hear of so many people who hate to hear they are like their mother. There are so many jokes about it. What I love is that when someone tells me I'm doing something like my Mom, it just makes me happy. I love to hear that because I take it as a huge compliment. I love you Mom and hope you had a great birthday.

Wednesday was also my sister-in-law Serena's birthday. She's pretty awesome too. So Happy Belated Birthday to you too Serena. :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Okay this post will be kind of lame but I found it while searching Amy's computer and it reminded me how much I like to play this game. Have you ever played Mancala? I don't actually own it so I don't play it that often but it's a fun, simple game. This is Zach and I playing it at my parents house a year ago (I think). Now you have something to get you by until I post again.

Your welcome. :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

A day in the life

of Jeanette.

So today I was making the ad signs at work and I noticed that instead of putting Campbells chunky soup, I had put Campbells chunky soap. It made me laugh. It also made me think of a couple other funny mistakes I made at work.

One time I made a huge ad sign and put it in the front window. It wasn't until the end of the week that someone pointed out my mistake. Both Poptarts and Pot pies were on sale that week. I wrote Pot pies right but then made a teeny tiny mistake with the Poptarts. Instead, I had written Pot tarts.

A different day I was doing the marquee at work (you know - where you put the letters up on the high sign in front of a store to advertise?) Well it was starting to rain and the letters weren't sticking very well to the pole so mid word I went inside to wait for it to finish raining. A few minutes later it occured to me that if I'm posting the word Buttermilk, I probably shouldn't stop 4 letters into it. Yes, that's right. On the marquee was the word Butt. I went straight out to finish the word. Too funny.

Yes..........that's me.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

In video

This was Karen and I in January. Just in case you needed further proof of the insanity.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

At it again!



Perfect for me.

This is my nephew Ashton (4). The other day Jason and I had to go to Wal-mart and Ashton wanted to go so we went ahead and took him. We were on our way there when Ashton says to me.......................
Ashton: I like you better.
Jeanette: Oh really?
Ashton: Yeah.
Jason: You like her better than who?
Ashton: (after a few seconds) She's just perfect for me.
As you can probably tell.....that melted my heart. Seriously, so cute. He also told us that if he gets disappointed then he's going to live with us. He is so funny. You never know what's going to come out of his mouth.

Monday, August 31, 2009


When I was little (I won't mention just how long I sucked my thumb....and had a blanket........okay I was at LEAST 10 years old.) I was a thumb sucker so there is a special spot in my heart for little children who suck their thumbs. Here are my favorite two. (I say because I think they are my only nephews and niece who ever sucked their thumb.)
My nephew Ethan (3).
My nephew Andrew (now almost 3 months).
I know they say that sucking your thumb isn't good for your teeth but I have to say......I SO hope my kids are thumb suckers. It just melts my heart.

The cuteness continues

I seriously have trouble not posting pictures of the adorableness of my nephews and I just so happen to have about a million of the newest of the bunch. So I figured perhaps I'd post some pictures of Jason and I with him this time. :) Jason holding Drew for the first time. He was a little hesitant to do it before. I can't remember how old he is but I'm guessing maybe a month old.
Me holding him the same day. He looks thrilled huh? :)
Me playing with my little buddy. He put his little legs up and I got his little feet with my lips. He was about 2 1/2 months.
Still 2 1/2 months old and all dolled up for church. Seriously, how cute could a kid get? I love it.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Amelia Bedelia?

I spent last weekend with Karen, Mike (well as much as I could with all his law school studying), and Andrew. It was a lot of fun but it went way to fast and there are so many things we wanted to do while I was there that we didn't do. Anyway, did you ever read the Amelia Bedelia books? She is the housekeeper lady that always messed things up. She took everything literally. Well, I think we found a new Amelia Bedelia. Karen. :) At least she had a good reason though. Andrew apparantly woke up almost every hour during the night so Karen was extremely tired that morning. She had to make carmel brownies (mmm) to bring somewhere. Here is the recipe.
Notice it says to mix by hand.
A little to literal there Karen. :) This is what little sleep does to a new mommy. It was hilarious though. As soon as she put her hand in the yummy mess she realized her mistake. So funny. What was the sweet little baby doing while Karen was stirring brownies with her hand?
I could snuggle that little guy forever.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Better late then never.

Every summer my brothers and brother-in-laws (including Mike #2's dad....Mike) go on an overnight canoe trip. This year they decided to do something different but I'll blog about that later when I can get my pictures. This canoe trip was actually 2 years ago (2007).
2 years - See. I can do math.
I never have blogged about it and I ran across these pictures so I figured better late then never.
Mike #3, Mike #2, Aaron, Mike #2's dad Mike, Jason, and Mike #1
Aaron and Jason on the Current River.
Jason jumping off the cliffs. They all do it even though every year I beg Jason not to. Sigh... :)
I don't now if it was this year or the year before that both Aaron and Jason didn't put their sleeping bags into trash bags to protect them from getting wet.......which they did. The night got cold and the poor guys practically froze to death. Both of them said it was the coldest they ever remember being. They even tried putting the tarp over them I believe. They didn't sleep that night. They said they remember thinking that it MUST be early morning and then they looked at the clock and it was only a little after 11:00. They went out to the firepit and tried to make a fire out of leaves. Poor guys.