Thursday, March 15, 2012


Okay so I took a couple pictures on my phone today (still haven't found that stupid cable) so I thought I would make a quick post to prove to you that I am trying to start posting more. :)

Here is Noah today. I think we really have to get those locks installed. The little stinker. I kept calling his name and making silly noises so he would look at me and smile for the picture but since he knew he wasn't supposed to be in there he completly ignored me. :)
Here he is tonight at Jason's basketball game. He plays on a city league. I debated on whether or not to go because his game started at 7 and that is Noah's bedtime. As you can see....he was a bit sleepy. He never fell asleep but he was sure tired. When we first got there I was worried because he kept fussing and getting freaked out by the noise. It was really loud and the whistles scared him. Luckily Jason's game was much quieter. He mostly snuggled up and near the end of the game he kept looking up at me with this look that said, "seriously? We're still here? I'm so tired." Poor kiddo. He was really good during the game though and is now asleep in his bed. Here's hoping that he sleeps longer then 5:40 (yes this morning he woke up that early....again.) since he went to bed later. A girl can dream can't she?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another long recap....

Our little man is 11 months old already. Time is sure flying. In less than 2 weeks he'll be a year old. I am excited for it but I also know it will be bitter sweet. He only really says mama and dada and has on occation said bu bu bu when waving so I assume that's bye bye. He is a very sweet little guy...until he is either way too tired, hungry, or you stop him from doing something he REALLY wanted to do. In those cases you had better watch out because his temper comes flying.
He is working on his 9th tooth and I'm not really sure why I was so excited to see it coming in because Noah is a biter. Mostly he only bites for something to bite on I guess but he has bit me when he was mad. I can see his nursery days now. I am sorry in advance to all the poor little kids who are in the path of my little biter. I am doing my best to stop it but as we all know.....that doesn't always work.
Noah is starting to use many different items as a phone. Real phones, play phones, remote controls, spoons. You name it. It is insanely adorable.
Here he is on the phone with a wooden spoon. Told you it was adorable. :) About a month ago Noah started crawling into the kitchen and then turned around and waved bye bye. Yeah, my kid's cute. Our Christmas was good. Noah mostly liked the ribbons but he did get a lot of fun toys that he really likes playing with. I would post pictures of Christmas but I can't find the cable to my camera to get the pictures off of it. I can only post the pictures I took on my phone. Unfortunatly Jason had to work on Christmas but we had fun on Christmas Eve with him and Jason's side of the family. Then Noah and I spent Christmas morning together and then drove down to spend the rest of the day with my side of the family.
Noah is now usually sleeping well in his crib at night. He is waking up very early but at least he is going to bed at 7 and that finally gives me some time to myself at night. He also takes his naps in his bed (these are major accomplishments around here.) Those don't usually go really great. 20 minutes usually but sometimes he surprises us and sleeps longer.
I am now the Relief Society chorister and also the compassionate service ....(leader?). Jason is the 2nd councelor in the Young Mens organization. A week ago Jason was playing basketball up at the church and he and another man were wrestling for a loose ball and I guess as Jason was coming back up the man fell and landed on Jason's head so all his weight shoved Jason's mouth into the ground. He knocked out 2 teeth and messed up 2 more besides that. He got into the dentist first thing the next morning. He had to have oral surgery, root canals, bridges and crowns. It took almost 6 hours for them to do it all. It was not a fun couple of days for him and his mouth and face still hurts but it is getting better and I am so grateful the denstist was able to get him in and get it all done. Jason took a picture of his mouth the night he busted it but I will spare you all. Pretty gross.
Jason's sister Serena and I have started watching Americal Idol together. I never really watched it before but it is fun watching it with her. We also are watching The Voice together. She has a DVR so we are able to watch them whenever we have time which is good because it is hard to get together with her schedule and a little boy who goes to bed at 7. Luckily she will gratuate with her degree in Respitory Therapy in May and then we will have more time....until she has her sweet baby boy near the end of June. I can't wait for him to come but I will. At least until the beginning of June. :) Isn't it funny how the exciting things in my life are now milestones in Noah's life and watching a tv show with my sister-in-law. :) Not that my life has ever been much more exciting then that.
I am sure there have been many more things happening but I can't think of anything at the moment. I hope to find my camera cable as I go through the house cleaning, organizing, and throwing things away or donating them. I will try to update more often. Especially with Noah's birthday coming up. I hope people are still reading my posts (even though they come very far apart) and know that even though I am not posting often I am still checking and reading your posts.
Hope everyone is well and check in often....I'll post more often. :)