Thursday, October 22, 2009

General Conference

The first weekend in October was General Conference. I went to Amy and Mike's house to watch Conference. Karen and Mike went too. Here is Andrew during Conference (yes I know I shouldn't be snapping pictures during Conference but he was so adorable.
He loves that toy. No, he isn't sitting up on his own. He did a lot of falling over. :)
Zach was so cute playing with Andrew. He loves to make him smile. Of course who doesn't? Notice Andrew has discovered the joy of his feet. So funny.
This was actually the first picture snapped (yes, we've already discussed the fact that I should have been doing more watching than snapping.) :) But, I looked down to see this and it was just to precious.
Andrew and his daddy. Totally adorable.

Disclaimer: I did also watch Conference and it was only the one Saturday session that I took pictures at. :)


Check it out. Can you see Tessa's tongue sticking out while she was sleeping?

Ethan's sleepover

A little over a month ago we had Ethan come over and spend the night. He was thrilled. When we got in the car to head to our house he said, "Ready guys?" He was just as cute as could be. Well on the way to the house he was already planning what we were going to do. He wanted to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks (he's a bit obsessed with that movie). In the car he told us that "Princesses are for girls. Alvin and the Chipmunks are for boys." Totally cracked us up.
Ethan and Jason smiling for the camera. Kids in jammies = ADORABLE.
I can only imagine they were discussing something Chipmunk related. :)
Ethan said to take a picture of the I did.
The next morning Ethan watched some Sesame Street (Old School on DVD) and then decided to watch The Muppet Movie. I swear we did other things besides watch movies the whole time. :) Disclaimer: We didn't even watch 1/4 of that movie.
You guessed it. "Take a picture of the movie." Notice the row of DVD's laying on the floor. It must be little kids favorite thing to do. :)
Silly little Ethan. Tessa loves it when the kids come over. We spend a lot of time trying to keep her from bowling them over so she can kiss them to death.
We had a really good time and Ashton keeps reminding us that it's his turn next (which it is). If nothing comes up this weekend you may be getting a new post titled.....can you guess? Ashton's sleepover. :)

Be one with the hoop.

I always get to busy or lazy to post things I want to so I figured now's the time to do a little bit of catch up. It still won't be even close to what I wanted but at least some of it will get posted. These pictures were taken.....sometime this summer. It started with Ethan - 3 on the left (Ashton - 4 is on the right) playing with the little basketball. He wanted to shoot it in the basketball hoop in Jason's mom's driveway but there were 3 problems with that. 1. He is too little to get the ball up there. 2. We didn't want him to hit the car that was parked near the hoop. 3. We didn't want the ball to smash the vegetables in the garden. SO, I decided to become the hoop. I held my arms out with fingertips touching in a big circle in true hoop fashion and Ethan shot the ball into the "hoop". Then we found one of those little basketball hoops for children in the garage....or by the garage....I can't remember. There wasn't a base so we propped it up along the fence and the kids had a blast. They were so cute and actually were pretty darn good for their age. So I snapped some pictures so Uncle Jase could see (he wasn't there) and he could be so proud. Which he was. Jason loves basketball...and when I say love what I mean is L-O-V-E LOVES basketball. :)

Aren't they adorable?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Monster Mash

I can't get this to post the actual video but click on the link to watch it. It is so worth it. It's hilarious. We laughed pretty stinkin' hard.

Click here.

Craft Day

Yesterday we had a Relief Society Craft Day at the church. I had so much fun. Here are the things that I made. I wish the pictures were a little better but since I don't have the worlds best camera or Amy's photography skills then I just have to take what I can get. I've been saying for years that I want to learn from Amy some of the tricks but it just doesn't happen. I wish we lived closer to her. I also want to learn to make a bird feeder she made and quilted baby blankets. I also want to learn to make some of the adorable paper crafts Karen makes. Someday I'm going to take time off work and have sister craft days. :)
Candy corn pot
Wall hanging. I'm trying to decide how to make it a little bit less plain.

Felt turkey. It is even cuter in person. Seriously so cute.

I also made an ornament but it disappeared before I came home.
I have the desire to be more crafty so hopefully soon I'll rise to the challenge. :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Oldies but Goodies

Just another reason why I love my family.
We have so much fun!!

Happy Birthday!

I am getting so far behind since we don't have internet at home. This is my Mom and Dad (yes they are just that cute). Wednesday was my Mom's birthday and I think she deserves a post about it so she knows just how much I love and appreciate her. Last weekend Karen told me 2 different times that I was doing something like my mom and it made me happy. I think it's funny that you hear of so many people who hate to hear they are like their mother. There are so many jokes about it. What I love is that when someone tells me I'm doing something like my Mom, it just makes me happy. I love to hear that because I take it as a huge compliment. I love you Mom and hope you had a great birthday.

Wednesday was also my sister-in-law Serena's birthday. She's pretty awesome too. So Happy Belated Birthday to you too Serena. :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Okay this post will be kind of lame but I found it while searching Amy's computer and it reminded me how much I like to play this game. Have you ever played Mancala? I don't actually own it so I don't play it that often but it's a fun, simple game. This is Zach and I playing it at my parents house a year ago (I think). Now you have something to get you by until I post again.

Your welcome. :)