Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Who has a birthday today?

Happy Birthday Karen!
Today is my sister Karen's 27th birthday. In honor of this day I am going to make a list of 27 memories we share that make me laugh. We may be the only ones who think this is funny but that's all that matters right? Here we go.
1. This picture. It cracks me up.
2. If you can't take it.....don't dish it.
3. "What? Where are you?"
4. Making videos with Mike, David, and Roselie.
5. Heather in high school thinking we were the same person.
while you opened your presents. By the way I am watching The Grinch as I type
this in honor of the day.
7. W.A.N.S.I.
8. "Why did you do that?" "How did you do that?"
9. Vicks lady at choir
10. "People with heart conditions should not be in the room." Choir again.
11. The message you left on my answering machine to tell me when you were going
to call while we were missionaries and how it made me cry.
12. Talking to you at that Christmas and how it made me cry.
13. Old family videos ("I already did that one." "No look there and there and there and
there." "I don't want to do that right now." "HHHHUHH. There." "Okay." Man, I
was bossy.
14. Playing barbies. (Crimped haired barbie, cheerleader toilets)
15. Playing paper dolls. "I can't stop smiling."
16. "My baby does not go gee."
17. Trying to get Tepka to invite us to their swimming pool.
18. Cooking shows.
19. Our shows we loved. (Full House, Saved by the Bell)
20. You using the product Nads to wax your legs and what you yelled. :)
21. Going to Nauvoo together with Tianna. (we should go again someday.)
22. Halloween 2004 and the pictures to prove the mania.
23. Wrestling and how I ALWAYS lose.
24. Our own videos. (Begis and Bethy B, the cat with utters)
25. The Baby-sitters Club and you hiding candy canes in our room to be like Claudia.
26. The year in Salem right near Christmas when Mom and Dad were out of town and
it was just you, me, and Aaron for a few days. (I think we went to Julie's play that
day). Do you remember that? I don't know why but I always remember that
27. The big ice storm and David trying to get the car unstuck. :)
I love you Karen. Happy Birthday!


timpani76 said...

Happy Birthday Karen! Who can remember our funny stuff like sisters? No one!

Karen said...

Thank you! I laughed and cried when I read it! But you totally forgot the "surprise" we found in Tepka's Barbie box, raking leaves in the yard with Aaron, acting crazy in Amy's room, running into each other at Laura's welcome home party.......and so much more! :) Thanks and love you! You seriously need to come visit on Saturday and spend the night!!!!!!

lizS said...

happy b-day karen! yeah, gotta say, sisters ARE the best, even when they don't remember the stuff you remember...(i'm totally talking virginia here...)

Russell and Ashley Forrest said...

I love the picture!!!