Saturday, December 20, 2008


Here is another amazing video about the life of Christ that I think is more than appropriate for this time of year (anytime really). A friend of mine I met as a missionary in Riverton, Wyoming sent this to me today. It was on display at the Mesa, AZ temple visitors center in conjunction with the Easter Pagent but it applies for Christmas too. It is very touching. During the scenes leading up to Christ's death I kept feeling compelled to reach out to the screen (I didn't by the way) but I think that's a good sign. :) I'm so grateful for my Savior and all He's done for each one of us.
I was having trouble watching getting it to load at first. I suggest you let it download fully before pushing play. There is also a link you can click on that will take you to the webpage of the man who took the pictures. There are videos that show how he took the pictures and his feelings. That's worth watching too.


Karen said...

That was way cool!

Mom said...

If you type in you can go directly to the website of the people who put this together (better sound)-- or you can order a CD of the music or a DVD of the slide show (with how it was filmed) from Deseret Book. I want to use it to go along with my New Beginnings if I can.