Thursday, December 4, 2008

O Christmas Tree

It's finally Christmas time. I sure love it. For the last 3 years Jason and I have used this artificial tree. My sister Laura gave us her extra one when I moved out and got married. We have been really grateful for it.

This year I finally talked Jason into letting us get a real tree. I grew up with real trees and Jason grew up with artificial trees. There is nothing like real trees. Everytime I walk into the house the smell of the tree fills me with joy. It smells like Christmas. This is our tree after we first brought it home.
This picture cracks me up. Jason put together the artificial one so we put it next to the real one to get a picture of the difference. Have I mentioned that I love real trees? :) We put the artificial one in the kitchen.
I took this picture after we got the lights on the tree. I like the way the lights reflect on the window.
I'm sure I will post more about my lovely Christmas tree. The batteries in my camera are dead so I can't get any pictures of the finished creation. Actually it's not even finished. I'm off to decorate the tree.


AshleyandRussellForrest said...

I love the trees! We aren't putting anything up because we will be gone most of the month. How do you get the cool backgrounds and snowflakes?

lizS said...

i had to convert john to real trees as well, but it wasn't hard. he never really liked the fake ones. hurrah for real trees! yours is gorgeous!

timpani76 said...

Real trees are for people with no allergies ;)

I think I'll try a real one when Vance & QQ are a little older so they can tell me if the tree makes them sick!

Karen said...

I love the dual tree shot. :) Still haven't gotten our tree yet. I think I may cry. :( Have you made a real-tree-lover out of Jason yet?

Jeanette and Jason said...

He didn't really want to get a real tree at first but after we got it he really likes it. Mostly I think because it is so big and full. Don't cry Karen. Crying is only if you want runts remember? :)