Monday, December 29, 2008

The Conversation

Jason and I couldn't make it to my parents house in Missouri before Christmas so we were going to come up yesterday. Jason got the virus going around and couldn't come but urged me to go on ahead up here. So after a little protesting that we could wait another day to see if he felt better I went ahead and drove the 4 hours to my parents house. I sure love coming here. My sister Karen, her husband Mike, my sister Amy, her husband Mike, and their son Zach were already here. This is the conversation I had with Zach (who is 7) last night. I'll try to get the wording as accurate as I can remember because it was funny.
Z: Where's your kid?
J: Where's my kid?
Z: Yeah, you know, in your belly.
J: I don't have a baby in my belly. That's Karen who has a baby in her belly.
Here Zach kind of look flustered and so I went in the dining room to ask Amy why he was asking about a baby in my belly. She said she didn't know. He probably only thought it was fair. So I went back in to Zach and said..............
J: Zach, I don't have a baby in my tummy yet because my kids are still in heaven with Heavenly Father. They haven't come down yet.
Z: Why not?
J: Well, you know how Heavenly Father knows what's best for us?
Z: Yeah
J: Well, He will send my kids when it is the right time.
Z: How does He get the babies in your tummy?
J: uh.....AMY....... :) well He puts them in there when it's the right time.
Z: Does Tessa have any toys?
J: YES! Do you want to go get them?
I wish I could remember exactly how the wording of this conversation went. It really was pretty good but this was pretty close anyway. I have just been thinking this was so funny that it turned into a how do babies get into your tummy talk and seeing as he is only 7 I wasn't about to start that conversation. Luckily his mind changes rapidly at this age but look out Mike and Amy. The questions may start soon. :) This morning though while I was laying in bed thinking about this conversation it struck me that he really asked me about my kid because he was thinking of how it is only fair that I should have a baby too and didn't make any sense to him and I just think that is so sweet of him. What a little sweetie.

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Russell and Ashley Forrest said...

Awww... I almost had a tear. You are right, in do time, but it can be a long hard wait.
I'm glad you had a nice visit.
I hope Jason is feeling better!