Saturday, December 13, 2008

In my spare time

When I was a kid we used to always get those big Christmas coloring books and we would color them during the Christmas season. I LOVED them so much and they are the memories I hold so dear. (Yes, I know that coloring in a coloring book may not sound like the world's best memories but it is. I loved getting those coloring books. I bought one for my Beehives to color while we waited for the Christmas candy to set up that we made at our last activity. So what else could I do the next day but color? So I did. Here's my masterpiece. I needed Karen with me. It would have been more fun because she would have appreciated the memory. I think Aaron would have too. It seems like it is getting really hard to find the fat Christmas coloring books anymore. I went to Wal-mart to get this one and they only had thin one's and they just aren't the same. This one was the closest that I could find to the one's we had as a kid. Still it wasn't that lovely fat Christmas coloring book. I went to the Dollar tree today and they actually had two different kinds of the fat coloring books. I wanted to buy them so bad. I don't need them though. I'm not really going to color all the pictures. I had the thought of buying them to put in the Christmas box so that when we have kids we can pull them out every year and let them color (who knows if they'll still have them in the stores by then). But, I talked myself out of buying them even though they were only a dollar. It will be years before I will be able to use them. So I didn't buy them........but I might end up going back. We'll see. :)


Joshua & Jennifer Norman said...

Hey Jeanette! It's Jennifer Martin (Norman). I'm glad I'm not the only one coloring in my spare time. It's a great stress reliever. I absolutly love it. My husband and I tease that I will be fighting our kids over the crayons and the coloring books. :) I look at your blog often, check out my blog sometime. It's You can see a few pics of my new little neice. Jeff and his wife had Kirra a week before Thanksgiving. Hopefully we can keep in better touch now. Merry Christmas! Tell your family hi for me.

timpani76 said...

Why didn't you buy them? It sounds like a little nostalgia is worth $1. It usually comes free, but hey, sometimes you gotta pay for weird things ;)

Karen said...

Um......where's the hesitation? We're still celebrating Christmas while we're at Moms - it'll just be an extension. Buy and bring - or die. Wow, I think I just lost my mind.