Thursday, May 3, 2012

pictures of the boy

Noah has started walking while pushing his riding toy. I got a video of it today. Pay attention to the very last second.
Notice that he looks like he was falling over. He was.
Here's his crash. There was a bump on the head and tears. We didn't call the insurance company. :)
My little cheese ball. My nephew Zach wore this little outfit years ago (he's almost 11) and then Andrew wore it and now my little guy. I love that so many of the kids in my family have worn this and he looks so adorable in it. Notice the sock in his hand. :)
 Noah was helping me with the fridge. I put things in....he took things out. You know the way it goes.
Ah trying to drink soy sauce. He is his father's son.
Sleeping with his little tushy up in the air.
I put an Elmo video on for Noah the other day so it would hopefully give me time to get the dishes washed. He usually doesn't watch t.v. very long but when I checked on him a few minutes later this is what I saw.
He really likes this video.
Apparantly he wasn't close enough. :)


Natasha and Jesse said...

Cute video! Too bad about the crash, but good thing you didn't have to call the insurance company. :)

(Btw, my parents have the exact same floor as you in their kitchen. Crazy.)

Laura said...

Do you think if you ran Elmo on a continuous loop you would have time to do my dishes?

Never hurts to ask....

Karen said...

He is sooo cute.