Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2012
The day I became a mother

March 20, 2011 I became a mother. It was a miracle for me. It was almost 5 years before I found out I was pregnant with Noah. Maybe that's why I tear up every night when I pray with Noah and thank my Heavenly Father for him. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be his mother. It is amazingly hard somedays but is the most worthwhile thing I have ever or will ever do. It is a blessing I will forever be grateful for.

I am also grateful to have the best mother in the entire world and the best mother-in-law in the world. I am so lucky to have them and as much as I could try I could never express how much I love, admire, and appreciate them. Thank you for loving me and showing that love everyday. I also love the way they love my Noah. They are wonderful Grandmas. He is one lucky boy.

Today Noah's gift to me was to sleep in until 8:10. It was amazing. Thanks kid! We'll forget about how he kept literally pushing me aside many times today to get to Jason. :) Also, when I was drying my hair this morning a piece of metal from the hair dryer (not at all sure where it came from) flew off and burned my shoulder really bad. Not a great start but that's as bad as it got so I'm doing pretty good.

We started our trip to visit my parents for Mother's Day. About halfway through Noah had a dirty diaper and was getting fussy so we made a stop to give him some time out of the carseat. He got to do one of his favorite things.


Hey baby...going my way?

I love this one
Taking a catnap. He doesn't sleep well in his upright carseat. But, he looks cute when he does.
He smacked his head into my parents coffee table and got his first goose egg. Poor kid.

Happy Mother's Day to the mothers in my life and to all the people who love my son like a mother. I am so thankful for the love you show us!


Laura said...

I guess it was about time for the next generation to start busting their heads open on that coffee table!! Why should we have all the fun?

Karen said...

He looks so stinking cute driving.