Sunday, May 13, 2012

A day in the life

There are so many things I love about this boy of mine. Everyday the list gets longer and longer. I need to make a list. Everyday my sweet boy also becomes more and more of a toddler. Here's one of his newest activities.
 Pulling all the DVDs off the shelf.
Looks like fun huh? He also loves buttons. Everything gets pushed. Buttons on the remotes, the volume or power button on the tv, the eject button on the DVD player, you name it...he'll push it.
Noah did this the other day. He'd eat a bite of macaroni and then he'd put one in his lap. It was pretty funny and when he was finished he had a little pile on his lap.

 Little precious sleeper. I could watch him sleep forever...but I don't because when he sleeps I can finally get things done. :)
 We went to lunch the other day with Jason's Grandma, Mom, and his sisters Serena and Becky. We have so much fun with Jason's family. I gave Noah a fry and the next thing I know his fry was in my ketchup. So cute. He kept dipping and then sucking the ketchup off. Little man.
 Here is the cake I made for Serena's graduation cookout. She craves sweets this pregnancy so I thought this would be perfect. Serena graduated with her Respitory Therapy degree on Friday! We are so proud of her. She worked so hard and did so well. My sister's husband Mike just graduated from Law School today and we are proud of him too. So awesome.
Do you notice anything funny about this about the shredded cheese dangling down off his ear? :) So funny. I sure love my little cheese lover.

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Natasha and Jesse said...

So cute! I agree with his like for ketchup. :) And that cake looks so delicious- you should post the recipe!