Thursday, May 31, 2012

My little helper

My Noah. I've noticed lately just how much he likes to try to help. If he finds something on my usually sparkling clean floor (cough cough) and I say, "Can you bring that to Mommy?" He almost always does and he beams when I say, "Thank you!" all happily. He loves loves loves to be thanked.
Now here he just wanted to get into the dishwasher.
Here he did too but once in there (you can imagine why I usually don't do this why he is awake) he decided to start handing me dishes. Very cute but sorry kiddo, we aren't doing that. :)

Yesterday I was folding laundry and he crawled over and would take a piece of clothing out and hand it to me. Each time I would say my appreciative thank you and each time I got a huge smile. Eventually he started making his way around the laundry basket and after about half the laundry was folded he started trying to push the basket away. :) He's funny.

He loves to walk pushing things. His walking toy, riding toy, laundry name it, it gets pushed. He looks adorable walking....still no walking on his own though.

He is a very sweet boy. He adores Tessa. He is always chasing her down with his walking toy (his favorite thing to do lately), or laying his head on her (or half his body), kissing her or trying to get her to kiss him. Tessa loves him very much but is understandably guarded still. Someday soon they will be best buddies.

Sounds like Noah is up from his nap so this blogging spree is over for now. :)


Mom said...

Noah's giggle is so cute. Poor Tessa though; I like the part where she runs to the door and gives you that "Please, let me out" look.

Laura said...

I don't know which is worse, Noah trying to run over the dog with his push toy or me laughing so hard at the video. Poor, long-suffering, patient Tessa!