Friday, May 18, 2012

Krispy Kreme Burger

Have you ever heard of a Krispy Kreme Burger? Yeah, basically it's a hamburger with a Krispy Kreme donut as the bun. Jason has talked about it several times and this week while at my parent's house we were having hamburgers so Jason, my brother-in-law Mike, and my Dad decided they were going to try one. Unfortunatly they couldn't find any Krispy Kreme donuts so they got Casey donuts.
 The Casey Burger :)
 Jason's first bite.
 Hm...not too bad.
So he liked it. Probably not enough to ever do it again although who knows.
So did I try it? Yuck!


Karen said...

Casey's doughnut? Yum. Burger? Yum. Together? Not so much.

Laura said...

Always sounded a little unappetizing to me, though I am sure there are things I like that others wouldn' know, the crazy people!