Thursday, May 31, 2012

Noah's infection/allergy

Warning: This is a mighty long story to tell you he was sick and had an allergic reaction. :)

Last Monday afternoon Noah started to feel warm. We gave him some ibuprofen and hoped it would go away.

The next day he still kept spiking a fever. Ibuprofen would lower it but usually wouldn't get rid of it completely.

Yes, I know what you are thinking. Doctor? Well, that's what Jason thought but he thinks Noah needs to go to the doctor every time he sneezes. (Slight exaggeration there but not much) I was hoping it was just a virus that would go away.

Next day (Wednesday) it was still happening. I started to think it must be an infection of some sort. Ear? I called the doctor. Closed. Noah's temperature was 101.

The next morning I called and got him an appointment. Serena had an ultrasound at 9:30 and Noah's appointment was at 11:00 in the same town so we rode with her to save on gas and to see sweet little Issac again. That baby is hilarious. He constantly had his tounge out and at one point had practically his whole hand in his mouth.

So at 11:00 we headed to Noah's doctor. Ear Infection. Poor guy. I should have taken him earlier. It's hard to know when to take your kid to the doctor isn't it? $80 is a lot of money if you go in and they just send you home saying it's a virus that'll go away. So I of course felt the Mommy guilt that mothers sometimes know.

The doctor prescribed Amoxicillin. My first thought'm allergic to Penicillin. Jason isn't. I should have said something although they probably would have given it to him anyway. The next morning I noticed a little rash behind Noah's ears. Is he allergic or maybe just heat rash? When he woke up from his nap he had it several places on his face. I called my mom to ask what my rash looked like when I was a kid. Then I called the doctor. They said to stop giving him the Amoxicillin and they switched his medicine. Poor kid's allergic like me.
 On our way to get his new medicine. I know you can't see the rash in the picture but trust was there.

 Looks miserable doesn't he?

Poor little buddy.

Later that evening he started rubbing his ears very hard. He had a rash behind his ear that was really red. He was so itchy. I paged the doctor at the hospital and he called me back and said to give him liquid Benedryl.

The rash spread all over his body. Finally this Monday he woke up rash free. Thank goodness! I am so happy the rash is gone, although I do admit that I slightly mourn the lose of the Benedryl. He slept in until around 8 everyday he took it. Oh, well. I'd rather have a healthy baby. :)

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Mom said...

Too bad he can't sleep till 8:00 without the Benadryl. I'm glad his rash is gone though.