Friday, September 18, 2009

A day in the life

of Jeanette.

So today I was making the ad signs at work and I noticed that instead of putting Campbells chunky soup, I had put Campbells chunky soap. It made me laugh. It also made me think of a couple other funny mistakes I made at work.

One time I made a huge ad sign and put it in the front window. It wasn't until the end of the week that someone pointed out my mistake. Both Poptarts and Pot pies were on sale that week. I wrote Pot pies right but then made a teeny tiny mistake with the Poptarts. Instead, I had written Pot tarts.

A different day I was doing the marquee at work (you know - where you put the letters up on the high sign in front of a store to advertise?) Well it was starting to rain and the letters weren't sticking very well to the pole so mid word I went inside to wait for it to finish raining. A few minutes later it occured to me that if I'm posting the word Buttermilk, I probably shouldn't stop 4 letters into it. Yes, that's right. On the marquee was the word Butt. I went straight out to finish the word. Too funny.

Yes..........that's me.


timpani76 said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! I like the "pot tarts" the best.

Renae said...

I vote "Butt" LOL!

Karen said...

Are PotTarts still on sale? Start selling those, and I guarantee you guys will have the highest # of sales in the area. Hands down. Hilarious. I was telling Mike that story about the buttermilk and he said he thought you were going to put "butt milk" or something up there. That, in my opinion, would have been worse. And...ew. Let's stop thinking about it.

Cramer Clan said...

This post makes me think of all the fun times in MT. You are a kick in the pants, missy.

Tara said...