Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday!

I am getting so far behind since we don't have internet at home. This is my Mom and Dad (yes they are just that cute). Wednesday was my Mom's birthday and I think she deserves a post about it so she knows just how much I love and appreciate her. Last weekend Karen told me 2 different times that I was doing something like my mom and it made me happy. I think it's funny that you hear of so many people who hate to hear they are like their mother. There are so many jokes about it. What I love is that when someone tells me I'm doing something like my Mom, it just makes me happy. I love to hear that because I take it as a huge compliment. I love you Mom and hope you had a great birthday.

Wednesday was also my sister-in-law Serena's birthday. She's pretty awesome too. So Happy Belated Birthday to you too Serena. :)


Karen said...

Seriously- who could NOT love Mom to bits? I got an email from Cara the other day just saying how great she thought Mom was. Yeah. MY mommy. :)

Laura said...

Well, duh! Who wouldn't want to be like Mom in almost every way?

Mom said...

Oooo..., I just read this. You girls are so sweet. We just live too far apart. I don't get to see all of you often enough. Thanks for the birthday wishes and for the nice comments.