Thursday, October 22, 2009

General Conference

The first weekend in October was General Conference. I went to Amy and Mike's house to watch Conference. Karen and Mike went too. Here is Andrew during Conference (yes I know I shouldn't be snapping pictures during Conference but he was so adorable.
He loves that toy. No, he isn't sitting up on his own. He did a lot of falling over. :)
Zach was so cute playing with Andrew. He loves to make him smile. Of course who doesn't? Notice Andrew has discovered the joy of his feet. So funny.
This was actually the first picture snapped (yes, we've already discussed the fact that I should have been doing more watching than snapping.) :) But, I looked down to see this and it was just to precious.
Andrew and his daddy. Totally adorable.

Disclaimer: I did also watch Conference and it was only the one Saturday session that I took pictures at. :)


Jennifer said...

What a cute pic of that kid watching conference! (If only my own kids would have been that enthralled....)

timpani76 said...

You have weird idea of conference Jeanette. I'm pretty sure no one watches all the sessions of conference with no breaks for a little "fun". Besides, who could resist that cute baby?