Friday, August 28, 2009

Amelia Bedelia?

I spent last weekend with Karen, Mike (well as much as I could with all his law school studying), and Andrew. It was a lot of fun but it went way to fast and there are so many things we wanted to do while I was there that we didn't do. Anyway, did you ever read the Amelia Bedelia books? She is the housekeeper lady that always messed things up. She took everything literally. Well, I think we found a new Amelia Bedelia. Karen. :) At least she had a good reason though. Andrew apparantly woke up almost every hour during the night so Karen was extremely tired that morning. She had to make carmel brownies (mmm) to bring somewhere. Here is the recipe.
Notice it says to mix by hand.
A little to literal there Karen. :) This is what little sleep does to a new mommy. It was hilarious though. As soon as she put her hand in the yummy mess she realized her mistake. So funny. What was the sweet little baby doing while Karen was stirring brownies with her hand?
I could snuggle that little guy forever.


Natasha said...

Aww, poor Karen! Cute, cute baby. You should post the complete recipe for the brownies. They sound good.

Becky said...

Ha ha ha ha!!! That is TOO funny! She must have felt so silly! What a cute tired mom!

My brother did a similar thing. He was making pizza and read the instructions/recipe wrong. Commas and periods are so different when it comes to recipies. You should check it out.

PS- I love your blog!

Renae said...


Karen said...

I'm a smartie, I am.