Thursday, October 22, 2009

Be one with the hoop.

I always get to busy or lazy to post things I want to so I figured now's the time to do a little bit of catch up. It still won't be even close to what I wanted but at least some of it will get posted. These pictures were taken.....sometime this summer. It started with Ethan - 3 on the left (Ashton - 4 is on the right) playing with the little basketball. He wanted to shoot it in the basketball hoop in Jason's mom's driveway but there were 3 problems with that. 1. He is too little to get the ball up there. 2. We didn't want him to hit the car that was parked near the hoop. 3. We didn't want the ball to smash the vegetables in the garden. SO, I decided to become the hoop. I held my arms out with fingertips touching in a big circle in true hoop fashion and Ethan shot the ball into the "hoop". Then we found one of those little basketball hoops for children in the garage....or by the garage....I can't remember. There wasn't a base so we propped it up along the fence and the kids had a blast. They were so cute and actually were pretty darn good for their age. So I snapped some pictures so Uncle Jase could see (he wasn't there) and he could be so proud. Which he was. Jason loves basketball...and when I say love what I mean is L-O-V-E LOVES basketball. :)

Aren't they adorable?

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