Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ethan's sleepover

A little over a month ago we had Ethan come over and spend the night. He was thrilled. When we got in the car to head to our house he said, "Ready guys?" He was just as cute as could be. Well on the way to the house he was already planning what we were going to do. He wanted to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks (he's a bit obsessed with that movie). In the car he told us that "Princesses are for girls. Alvin and the Chipmunks are for boys." Totally cracked us up.
Ethan and Jason smiling for the camera. Kids in jammies = ADORABLE.
I can only imagine they were discussing something Chipmunk related. :)
Ethan said to take a picture of the I did.
The next morning Ethan watched some Sesame Street (Old School on DVD) and then decided to watch The Muppet Movie. I swear we did other things besides watch movies the whole time. :) Disclaimer: We didn't even watch 1/4 of that movie.
You guessed it. "Take a picture of the movie." Notice the row of DVD's laying on the floor. It must be little kids favorite thing to do. :)
Silly little Ethan. Tessa loves it when the kids come over. We spend a lot of time trying to keep her from bowling them over so she can kiss them to death.
We had a really good time and Ashton keeps reminding us that it's his turn next (which it is). If nothing comes up this weekend you may be getting a new post titled.....can you guess? Ashton's sleepover. :)

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