Friday, December 7, 2012

The Christmas Train

 Stand back a little kiddo.
 He was cracking me up pressing his face on the open glass front to the entertainment center. I kept trying to get one with his nose smashed onto it but he moved too fast.
 Spending a morning with his Mommy, a banana bread muffin, and Christmas cartoons. Couldn't get much better.
 Noah loves to read. Loves it. I love when he brings me books or when I look over and he is looking at books on his own. One day I was reading him a book that he doesn't really care for. Halfway through he closed it, got down, went over and picked up another book, turned it over to look at the cover, nodded his head yes and then brought it to me. So cute.
 He has started lining up some of his foods lately before eating them. It's pretty adorable.
Tonight we went downtown where they had a short "train ride" in town. We waited in line and everytime the "train" passed Noah got so excited and would wave and wave. When it passed he would stretch out his arm, open and close his little fingers and say, "more, more".
 Here's the "train". He loves trains and win.
 The "train" passing by.
Complete with Santa. During the ride he kept waving back to him. He had such a great time. After we had our ride we let him walk between us holding one of our hands each (the only way he won't try and run off by himself). He was having a blast. Until of coure he saw the car. Then when I tried to put him in the car he threw himself to the ground and cried. Poor guy. We did have a great time. It must be hard to be little and not understand why we can't keep doing things (it was almost bedtime).
What a fun night!


KarenEJacobs said...

So fun! We're going to attempt going to the Christmas parade today. I just hope they don't get trampled when they run away. :)

Mom said...

Love those book-reading pictures. And waving at Santa is so cute. I hope you are remembering to write these things down.