Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our weekend

This past weekend we traveled to Jason's dad's house for Christmas with him and his wife. It's normally a 3 hour trip but since we didn't have anywhere for Tessa (our dog) we ended up having to drive an hour and a half out of the way so my sister could watch her. Thanks Laura! So the trip took a lot longer (plus stops to walk around - preventing my lovely blood clots is a must).
 Noah hates being in the car for more than maybe 30 minutes but we could get him distracted sometimes with his favorite books. He loves to read.
 Finally at the Beasleys and as you can see Noah took some interest this time in ripping of the wrapping paper.
 He got this Mickey Mouse book, LOL Elmo, a little train and some candy. He was so happy. Thanks Roger and Christine!
 All the kids (including the big kids) went outside and played.
 Noah ran around (he loves outside) while all the bigger kids and adult kids played tag. Now this wasn't just tag as you may remember. They of course got rubber balls involved where they threw them at each other...hard. Oh those Beasley children. :) Gamers to the max. This is Jason and our nephew Ashton (8).
 Then they started playing badminton. Noah finally found an abandoned raquet. He was so thrilled. Jason, Noah, and Jason's sister Serena.
 Noah got to stay in his first hotel (thanks Liz and Dave)! He did pretty good. He woke up once in the night and I held him for a few minutes and then he stood back up. I told him to lay down and go to sleep and he actually did. It took him a while to fall back asleep and he did a little whining but I was impressed. He was pretty impressed with the hotel. He ran around, took a bath, ran around in a diaper and read books.
 Then he opened the drawers and kept turning the tv on and off. What joys!
 In the morning on the way back to Jason's dads Noah got to eat his first cinnamon roll (not homeade unfortunatly). He really liked it and he looked super adorable eating it.
 Such a cutie.
 We spent a little time there in the morning and then we headed off to Laura's to pick up Tessa. Noah did a little bit of sleeping
 and playing with his toes. I can't keep shoes and socks on him in the car. We hung out at Laura's for a little while and then headed home.
Somebody was tired.
We had a good trip (although we all would have liked less of a drive - Noah isn't that pleasant for long car rides). It was good to spend time with family!

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Mom said...

Oooooh . . . long trip! It looks like you had a pretty good time though. Cute Noah pictures. Also I like your blog background. I think I will change mine.