Thursday, December 20, 2012

New post just for you....

I have been doing so much better at blogging more often but it's been a week so I'd better get one posted while Noah sleeps.
Several days ago Jason's mom took Noah and I (and Serena and Issac were there too) to the Mexican restaurant. This is how it went down.
 Noah likes the cheese sauce. But seriously who doesn't. Shoot now I want some of their cheese sauce soooo bad. Anyway, Serena put a little on his plate so he could dip some chips in it, which he did. Then we looked over and he was licking the plate. It was hilarious.
 I know it looks a bit like snot but it's not. It's cheese sauce. :)
 When the bowl had just a little left she gave it to him and in went his face.
Seriously I want that cheese sauce.
 I put Noah's Elmo doll in the Ninja Turtle van (used to be Jason's when he was little) once and now he puts him in there all the time and drives him around.
 I have been wanting to do Christmas crafts but I don't have any crafting supplies or anyone to do them with so Noah and I colored. I drew some Christmas pictures and Noah made pretty lines and squiggles and took some bites out of the crayons.
 He likes to draw.
 Here are Noah's newest tree ornaments. They never stay in the tree long but it's super cute. Here is one of his books
and a toy giraffe that came with the zoo he got from Santa last Christmas.
Yesterday was Jason's grandma's 84th bday. We went over last night and spent some time with her, played games, and ate yummy food. Jason's aunt and uncle and 2 of his cousins had come to visit for the occation. It was a lot of fun. We sure love spending time with our family.
Today Noah is 21 months old. I can't believe he is only 3 months away from being 2. That's unbelievable. I also can't believe that Christmas is so soon. This month has gone way to fast for me.
We had yet another ultrasound yesterday. Still definatly a boy and he looks healthy and adorable. He's already a whopping 8 ounces.
I hope you are all enjoying the season so far! 

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KarenEJacobs said...

The cheese dip sounded really good...until the snot picture! :)