Friday, December 7, 2012


 Noah loves to get his mesh laundry basket and put it over his head and run around. It's pretty funny to watch him. He gets so excited.
Every year either the day after Thanksgiving or the Saturday after we get together with Jason's dad, stepmom, Aunt and Uncle and their 3 girls, and Jason's sisters and their families and we have Thanksmas. This year his dad wants us to visit him for Christmas and since his Aunt and Uncle and their family couldn't make the trip we still got together with them on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Food, presents, and games. Seriously - you have no idea how these Beasley's are about games.
Noah opening his presents. He got a turtle nightlight that shines stars and an I Spy Christmas book.
He was interested. 
While the Beasleys started up games Jason's Aunt Susan brought out a 100 piece Santa puzzle for the kids. Noah was very interested in it.
My brother-in-law Kyle and I were the ones who worked on it. Ethan joined in on it. He's actually pretty good at putting together puzzles. I was impressed.
Here's our masterpiece. 
This is the next morning but I had to put pictures of Noah looking at his I Spy book. He loves it. Loves it.

Such a little sweetie.
I gave my talk that morning and it went ok I think. Glad it's over though. :)

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Mom said...

Those I Spy books have pretty complicated pictures. I'm surprised he spends so much time looking at them. The mesh laundry basket picture is so funny. Kids are a hoot!