Friday, December 7, 2012

Noah's first haircut

 We have a really hard time getting Noah to go to nursery at church. He cries hysterically. This particular week they got him to go in for about an hour so they took a picture to show he was doing long as my friend Brook was sitting right next to him apparantly. Too bad it's not her actual calling. :)
 Here's my little guy playing with his toys on the windowsill. I love this picture. He looks so adorable. However, you will have noticed he really needed to get his first haircut. I kept putting it off. My baby would look older.....but it was needed....badly. So I took him to Brook's house and she cut his hair. Thanks Brook!
 He was not a fan.
 I still haven't got a really good picture of it but here is a picture of him waking Jason up. You can kind of see it. He looks cute although it's amazing how fast it's growing in already.
What do you do after a bath. Noah? Gets wrapped in a towel and then runs in to play XBox with Daddy of course. 

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Mom said...

The haircut picture is so sad; it reminds me of Aaron's first haircut. He cried like that too.