Friday, December 7, 2012

O Christmas Tree

Last Wednesday we decided to put up our Christmas tree. Noah was really excited. He really loves all the lights. He loves to look at the Christmas lights on the houses in town. He loves Christmas. That's my boy.
 He looks so stinking adorable kneeling there.
 Watching the tree's progress!
 Being a helper and fanning out the branches.
 He tried to copy what we were doing. This is him fanning out the branches. I love that kid.
 Can you tell he's excited. I could only get him half dressed.
 Admiring his work. :)
 He sometimes puts his toys in the tree.
 Mr. Potato Head pieces.
 His ball.
Seriously adore this boy!


KarenEJacobs said...

Him leaving the toys in the tree is so adorable, it's killing me.

Mom said...

What a helpful little guy. It's really cute that he helps decorate the tree by putting toys in it.