Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cute kiddos

Last week Jason's sister Serena, her husband Kyle and their 2 boys Ashton - 7 and Ethan - 5 came over for dinner and we watched Mr. Poppers Penguins. While I was cooking I noticed that Ashton was in our "storage room" - a fancy word for the room we throw anything we aren't using at the time or don't know what to do with - I went and checked because I have some of the things organized in there - like some baby clothes and swing, etc that is going to Serena and Kyle's new baby - and I wanted to make sure it didn't get spread around. When I went in he told me that he wouldn't touch that stuff. He was just making his office.
Uh yeah - that's pretty adorable. He had Noah's play phone in a different area too.

Then yesterday we went over to their house so Serena could cut Jason's hair and Ethan had colored this picture for Jason.

Serena sometimes calls Jason, JR - his middle name is Roger - so Ethan told me that he was writing to JR.

How cute is that? Jar. I love it.

In other news, Serena is being induced at midnight Saturday morning so we should be able to finally see little Issac on Saturday. I'm so excited. We are keeping the boys on Friday night and they are ultra excited about it.

Now on to a more pressing issue.
 The sweet baby of a family we know was born with only half his heart developed. He has had 2 successful open heart surgeries but has now caught an infection. He isn't doing well. He has Acute Respitory Distress Syndrome and his lungs aren't healing due to the damage from the MRSA. His family is organizing a day of prayer for him on Friday (June 22). Please keep sweet little Johnny and his family in your prayers.


Becky said...

that little office is adorable! my cousin used to LOVE to play store. his parents got him a little cash register. he LOVED it. how he is a successful accountant in california.

encourage your kids!

poor johnny. so sad. i hope he pulls through, stronger and healthier.

Karen said...

Um.....that is the cutest little office I ever saw. I love the picture of the temple set up, the family picture, the whole bit. Too cute. And too sad tabout the little boy. I'll pray for him. Have you called the temple to put his name in?