Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tribute to a good friend

Okay this is not a good picture (Jason is sick in this picture taken in January 2011) but it's the only one I can find that has Duke in it. Duke is Jason's mom and step-dad's dog and our dog Tessa's very best friend. It could have been months since they last played together and yet if we would ask Tessa, "Do you want to go see Duke?" she would cock her head and then run around the house all excited. Duke was a very loving and gentle dog and we all loved him. Today we had to say goodbye. He died today of cancer that nobody knew he had. I won't go into the details of the day but he will surely be missed. I came home and told Tessa (yes I knew she wouldn't know what I was talking about - I'm not crazy) :) that I was sorry but her best friend Duke had died and that someday they will play again in heaven. I cried when I told her that. She didn't understand it but it only felt right to tell her.
Goodbye Duke. We love you!


Mom said...

It's funny how close we can become to a pet. I'm sure they will really miss him.

Becky said...

Sad news! I'm sorry.

Hey! I'd love to live near you too...seriously! NOT in Michigan. How do you feel about moving out west? Meet me in Montana!?!?