Monday, June 18, 2012

Growing up

My baby boy is growing up. I love to see all of the changes he makes as he grows. I love to see him learning new things.

He has learned to duck as he pushes his toy under his high chair. He pushes that toy everywhere and even runs with it. I'm convinced when he finally starts walking on his own he will go from walking to running in a day.

He loves his old bouncer seat. He kept crawling off into the room it was in to crawl into it and turn the vibration on and off so I finally pulled it out into the living room. He's watching Elmocize. He loves it.

While we were at the Cardinal game (I'll post on that later) Jason's sister Serena took Noah and her boys to a children's museum to do a Father's Day craft. Thanks Serena.

Happy Father's Day from Noah!

On Sundays Noah usually misses his morning nap. It's very hard to get him to sleep at church. This Sunday he kept trying to crawl off and get into everything and would scream...many times in all 3 meetings...I knew he was tired but seconds after starting the drive home his eyes were rolling and head nodding. This picture was taken just a few minutes after we left. Poor tired boy.....3 more months until nursery (not that it will go smoothly.)

Last night I was looking for Tessa before I headed to bed and I couldn't find her. Then I noticed Noah's door was open so I went in to find this.

So sweet. Protecting her buddy.

They are good buddies and will be even better buddies once Noah gets a little older and Tessa doesn't have to be on guard so much. :)

Noah has started walking while only holding onto one of my hands now. I'm so excited. He really wants both hands but will do it one handed every once and awhile.

He also has started trying to climb. He's been doing that for a few days. He hasn't been able to get up on anything but this morning I was sitting on the futon folding laundry and all of a sudden I noticed Noah up on the futon with me. He was SO proud of himself. He did it a few more times. It's a little lower then other things and he can grab the material to help pull himself up. I am excited about this too although I know it's going to cause a whole new set of problems.

Did I ever tell you that Jason and I met at Institute? No? Well we did. So several months ago we had the missionaries from church over and they asked how we met. So Jason tells them (by mistake) that we met at the Institution.......We still joke about that one. Hilarious!

Noah was in the paper today! Well the back of him was. This was while they were making the handprint craft. My nephew Ashton -7, my brother-in-law's sister Vanessa, my sister-in-law Serena, Noah, and my nephew Ethan -5.

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Becky said...

WHAT!?!? How is he so big already! I love the video! What a smarty to bend over to get under the high chair. Cute!