Saturday, June 16, 2012

Win win

Noah has learned to open the dog food container. That combined with the fact that he can't leave Tessa's water or food alone we usually have it up off the ground unless Tessa wants it. I forgot to put it away.

I am sitting here watching him as he opened the container. Usually I would go stop him but then I noticed that Tessa's water bowl is thankfully empty at the moment and he is picking out one piece of food and then putting it in her bowl.

Keeping him busy and helping to feed the dog.

Win win!!

In other news we are going to our Cardinals game today. It is supposed to be in the 90s with a chance of rain. Humidity's high too.......oh well. I love the Cardinals! So again I say,

Win win!!
I know....that was kind of lame. :)

I've just stopped him from eating a few pieces of food and now he is pushing the dog food container around the kitchen so I am off to occupy my boy. He did try to put the lid back on. It's really just sitting in the container but he's my sweet little helper.

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Mom said...

Hey, I just heard that the Cardinals won 10-7. A good time for you to see them despite the weather. Go Cards!