Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Too little too late".... or is it "to little to late"?

So I just realized that I am way behind in my blogging. Mostly because the posts that require a lot of pictures I tend to put off because I hate trying to move pictures around on the blog. It is so difficult and I always seem to accidentally erase at least one of the pictures. So I procrastinate (imagine that). I just remembered I never posted about my brother Aaron leaving on his mission. I had pictures to post and all so I decided to bite the bullet and post them. I went to the page to add the pictures and then I pictures are gone. Sad. So, I guess I will just tell you I had pictures and it would have been great. There was one in particular I wanted to post. Karen and I were being silly and standing on either side of him at the airport looking up with a wierd admiring look and Aaron was looking straight ahead with a pained look on his face. Priceless. Anyway, Aaron left for the MTC in the beginning of February (the 3rd I think). He is now serving in the Fresno, California mission and is doing great. It's wierd to think that he is gone. It's been 2 months already but at the same time it feels like a lot longer. I am already looking forward to him coming home (in 22 months that is). I saw a picture of me with him in the background and it made me sad. I miss that boy but I'm so happy he is where he is. He's a pretty awesome brother. If anyone knows him my Mom writes parts of his letters (or sometimes a summary of a letter) on his mission blog. The link is on my blog list under Elder Barnard. So this would have been better with pictures.....and probably if I wrote it 2 months ago when he actually left, but there it is. :)

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