Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Wedding

I'm in catch up mode here and here's another post that needs posting before it's too late. For some very wierd reason when I uploaded these pictures instead of showing the picture so I can write underneath just gives me a bunch of codes so I can't tell where the end of one picture is to write underneath it. So, I'm just going to make a list. My sister-in-law Becky got married on March 20th. I was a bridesmaid and Jason was a groomsmen. It was of course stressful to get there but it was a fun night and we are happy to add her husband Keith as a true member of the family. Okay the pictures.
1. This was taken the night before the wedding as we were finishing decorating the reception room. I made this heart out of a string of red and white lights and then put it over the cake table. It turned out pretty cool I must say although this picture doesn't do it any justice.
2. This is a picture of my nephews Ashton (4) and Ethan (2) the same night.
3. Here is Ethan and me.
4. Here is of course Jason and I before we headed to the post reception, reception at La Cabana here in Salem.
5. This is my nephew Vincent (19 months) and Ethan at La Cabana. Ethan has always considered Vincent his baby and loves to hug him.
6. Here is my other nephew (notice a trend here?) Seth at La Cabana. He's looking so handsome.
7. Here is Ashton blowing bubbles at La Cabana. There were little vials of bubbles on the tables at the reception and they turned out to be a hit with the kids.....some of the adults too.
8. Here is Vincent and me again at La Cabana. :) (another trend)
9. Okay these last 2 pictures were taken by the photographer. This is a picture of the groom and his groomsmen. Jason is on the left and Keith (the groom) is the next one. I don't remember the other men's names. This picture is funny because the groom and I believe all his groomsmen (excluding Jason) smoke so Keith said, Let's take a picture of all of us with a cigarette. Jason and I just looked at each other. So they took the picture and Jason felt so awkward. The picture is kind of cool though in a way. It looks like an album cover.
10. Here is Becky, her mother (my mommy-in-law), and her bridesmaids, Liz, Serena (both are Becky's sisters), Martha (the momma), Becky, me, and Becky's friend April (who was the maid of honor).
I know I don't have very many pictures of me and Jason and none of Becky and Keith together but you have to take what you can get right? :) Well the major catch ups are over for now I think.....well I have one more about ducks. I can't promise it will be the next post but it's coming up soon. For right now....I'm off to bed.


Jennifer said...

Why is there no good pic of the dress that I know you agonized about? Where's the full body shot? Sheesh, way to leave me hangin.

Well, your hair looks cute anyhow!

BTW... I think if you're seeing codes instead of pics when you're working on your blog post, you just need to click the tab for "compose" instead of "edit." (The tabs are at the top of the box where you put your text.) Or you can tell where one pic ends and another begins by looking for this symbol at the beginning: < a and this at the end: a >

Mom said...

It looks like the wedding went very well. We all need to back up our pictures on disks or something so we don't lose them. Did you get your computer fixed?

Russell and Ashley Forrest said...

So that kid looks like JASON!!!!!

Karen said...

Serena's kids look like freaking clones of her!!!!

Martha Spencer said...

Im curious about which kid Ashley thinks looks like Jase!