Thursday, April 23, 2009

The great adventure: Dinner

Well for some reason the format on this post is screwy and I can't fix it so I'm just going with it. This is the grill that my brother Aaron and I found at a yard sale last year. It was almost new and it came with a cover and a full tank of propane. It was only $40 and actually Aaron even bought it for us as a belated combined birthday gift. Pretty sweet huh? So tonight I decided we needed to grill up some burgers. Join us for the adventure. :)

See there I am grilling up the yumminess.

Here is my cutie husband and I (obviously).

Here is the finished product. Professional looking? Not hardly. Delicious? You betcha.

Then we have the boxed macaroni and cheese. It's not even Kraft. It's some brand I bought at Aldi one time and honestly....I like it better than Kraft.
So why am I blogging about dinner? Well.....I don't know.
I think it all started when I was forming the hamburger patties. I had taken the hamburger straight out of the fridge so it was freezing cold on my hands so I said, "Holy cow that's cold." Then I realized what I had said and it totally discusted me. Holy COW. Bleck. :)


Becky said...

Ha ha ha! Holy COW!!! That's funny! Those burgers look DE-LISH!!! Mac n Cheese...I don't know. I'm glad you shared your din dins with me!

Kleinhenz Family said...

Was all that food for you and Jason? It looks like so much fun. We buy the Aldi brand of mac n cheese too!

Natasha said...

You make me laugh!! Those hamburgers and mac n' cheese look good! Hope you weren't thinking too much of the poor (holy) cow while eating them. ;)

Karen said...

Ew. Now I can never eat hamburgers again. BESSIE!!!!!!!! I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU!!!!! haha. I seriously want to barbeque up some veggies and chicken. Kabobs baby. Yuuuuuuuuuuum.

Malone and Brittany said...

Ha! Holy cow! Hilarious! We love grilling too. We bought one at the end of the season last year (on clearance) and Malone was still grilling in the dead of winter with two feet of snow outside. Now that is dedication! (aka obsession)You should totally try grilled pizza. Blog comment me if you want the recipe.

Martha Spencer said...

I think you have the french translation right. But you have the tools you need to recoup your frenchyness if you want. After I am a spanish master (yeah, right) I am moving on to recapture french.... then maybe german... the sky's the limit!!!!

Your little "holy cow" is so ubber adorable!! But you are not jewish (soak the kid in the milk- beef and cheese.... old testament) or hindu... (sacred cow) so ... those burgers look mighty good if ya slap some onion and mustard on the finished product! Even more yummy goodness produced by you!!!

So whats the scoop on what ya wanna do for your birthday, pretty girl? We could have a little cook out and cake here since it is a Sunday. I know you got rooked last year. I dont want you to feel that way again. On the other hand I know you would like to be with Karen, and you haven't seen Laura (both) in a bit, and I dont want to hold you back in your impending Aunthood and baby-love. If you want to go see your family, we could have a celebration on another day like Monday or Tuesday... even Wednesday! We could go crazy and do it on Thursday!!
Whatever you would like I will try to make happen. If you are gone seeing your home peeps on Sunday, we could go out to a restaurant on another day if you prefer. Or I will slap some "holy cow" and chicken on the grill (and some brats for the boys)any day of the week. Its up to you!! Your birthday is a big deal!!!!! But you've gotta let me know what you want. I can make a cake happen in 30 minutes or less any day of the week, the bonus of living by IGA. But if you want to go to Salem Mo, or to the city of your choosing that's perfectly great, and we will do another day! It is your magical day, and we love you so much..... it's possible you may never know! Happy Birthday!!!!