Monday, April 6, 2009

A day in life........of a fridge.

Right before I left for work this morning I noticed that the things in the freezer weren't frozen anymore. Kind of defeats the purpose there huh? Anyway, here is our poor broken fridge that I loved.

It was so pretty and had lovely glass shelves. I was so disappointed we had to lose our newish fridge. (Well, we didn't really lose it. It's now in the shed where we plan to someday get it fixed later down the road.
Luckily Jason's Grandma had an extra fridge in her garage. They had bought a new one a few years ago. So she gave us this one. We are so blessed to have such a loving family.

My father-in-law, Terry, and Jason took the old fridge to the shed and brought the new one to our house. There is only one problem. It's been raining so much lately (and actually it sleeted today - I don't know what's up with that.) that our yard is swampish. It's wet, soggy, muddy, and just plain discusting. (In fact Tessa had to have another bath today because she was so muddy.) Anyway, Terry drove his truck into the backyard and backed up to the deck. That was great except when he tried to leave it didn't exactly work.


Karen said...

That's a nasty mess. How did he get it out?

Mom said...

Glad you got a replacement refrigerator. I hope you didn't lose any food items with that. Terry has been so good to you two.

Anonymous said...

So thats what it looks like.... I kinda miss that truck. On the bright side you get a new yard ornament until the swamp dries out!If thats a bummer, we are "discussing" having a tow truck out to give it a good yank. Too bad you didn't get any pictures of Terry, Dave, and their attempt to winch it out. Good times, good times!