Monday, August 4, 2008

It's freaky growing up.

Jason and I are growing up. I don't feel ready to be grown up yet. I mean seriously I'm only 29. :) Anyway we put an offer on a house. No it's not any of the two we previously were looking at. That second house was already contracted. The first one I loved so much and wanted it just as much but it was a little small and since it was completely redone it was already at top value so down the road the resale wouldn't be good. The moral of this story is I had to abandon my hopes for the pretty wonderful house. It was sad but we found a house that is bigger and we really like it. The house sits on an acre of land and the backyard is huge and fenced in. This will be great for our dog Tessa. We got a call this morning from our realtor saying they had accepted our offer. Now all we need to do is go to the bank tomorrow and apply for the loan which we should get and then we need to sign the papers. We are excited to get this house. It's going to be wonderful. It is really kind of freaky though since it's such a big thing to do. We don't have a bad feeling about it or anything. We are really excited but it just makes us such an :) The internet doesn't have any pictures of the inside of the house but here is one of the front of the house. I'll post more once we move in. If all goes well we will close on the house near the end of September. Yay! I spent a lot of time trying to decide what colors to paint the walls. This is so exciting to me. I love color on the walls. I'm so excited. Hopefully nothing falls through because this is so .....yes you guessed it.....exciting. :)


timpani76 said...

Just remember, paint is cheap! So, don't stress out too much because you can always change the color if you don't like it.

Plus, this is your house, so you get to do whatever you like with it (my favorite part of having my own house).

Serena said...

I can't wait to see it. Im so excited for you guys!!!