Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Drive In

Yesterday Jason and I experienced our first drive in movie. We weren't sure if we would like it or not. The day was so hot and humid. After the sun went down the temperature cooled off so it wasn't too bad. The only real problem was the mosquitos. I've got quite a few bites. Just writing about them makes me itch. It was pretty neat to go to the drive in though. Hopefully we won't end it with West Nile or anything. :) On our way there Jason said about the car in front of us "I bet they are going to the drive in." So I replied, "Or maybe they're just drivin'" Get it?? Drive in/drivin'. Oh yeah I'm good. Anyway, we saw The Dark Knight. Jason had already seen it but would watch it everyday if he could. I'm fine with waiting until it comes on video to watch it again. It was pretty good though. It was really well done. We should have brought our camera to document the day. Oh - it's still broken but aparantly only the screen is broken. It still works if you look through the view finder although you can't see what the picture looks like. At least it's still usable until we get another one someday. As a side note - the second house we were considering was the one that someone was interested in. The house is now contracted, so that one is off the market.

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