Monday, August 4, 2008

3 Years!

Jason and I have been married for 3 years! Well....almost anyway. I was going to post wedding pictures a long time ago but decided to wait for our anniversary. I thought you could share our joy by seeing us all decked out as a princess and a prophet (as my adorable nephew Zach - who was 4 at the time - called us. It was too cute. He looked at me and lovingly and seriously said, "You're a princess" and then he called Jason a prophet. Too cute.) So here are some pictures of us on our wedding day, August 5, 2005.

This would be me of course. Compliments of the ever talented sister of mine, Amy. Debbie, a friend of the family we've known for years and years, did my hair.

This was taken right after we left the temple. I don't know why all these pictures are so small. We are cute though aren't we. :)

You've got to take a picture by the fountain in front of the temple. It's like a rule.
This is another one of Amy's pictures. That is the St. Louis, MO temple in the background.

These are Jason's sisters Serena (who was sealed to her husband and son just days before our wedding - it was a good week), Becky, and Liz. Jason could get used to this treatment.

A good friend of the family, Felicia, made our cake for us. It was beautiful and seriously the best tasting wedding cake I have ever tasted.

Amy took this one too. Since it is a good picture and weddings are one of the only times it's acceptable to post kissing pictures (not that I want any other kissing pictures posted), I seal this blog with a kiss. :)

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oh so cute sister Barnard!I wish u all the best!Love Oyunmaaaaaaaaaa