Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Birthday Tribute

This picture makes me laugh so hard.

On Monday Jason and I went to Fairview Heights and had lunch at Lotawata Creek with my sister Amy and her son Zach, who is almost 7. Let me just tell you that the bread there is to die for. Seriously too delicious for their own good....well definatly my own good. :) They bring it to you when you sit down. I think I must have some of that bread right now actually. It's a good thing we live an hour and 15 minutes away from that evil thing called delicious bread. Then we went to St. Louis to see my sister Karen and her husband Michael (not to be confused with Amy's husband Michael or my brother Michael). It happened there at their apartment. Our new (Christmas) digital camera broke. It's so sad. We did see "Get Smart" though and it is hilarious. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. The only bad part of the day (besides destroying our beloved camera) was I didn't get to see my sister Laura (again not to be confused with my brother Michael's wife, Laura - are you keeping up?) who I haven't seen in awhile now. Today is Jason's birthday. Yahoo! It's been an exciting day so far. More fun then he'll know what to do with. In fact this day might just ruin all other days for him. So far we have both worked, watched an episode of Lost, and sat around his mom's on the computers waiting for people to get home. Oh, yeah. I sure know how to spoil my husband. :) We are going to play games though and this just happens to be one of Jason's all time favorite things to do. I lovingly refer to him as the game nazi sometimes. Although, he isn't the only one in his family that deserves the title. His sister Serena ranks high and his sister Liz sometimes makes it up there. Got to love the game nazis. :) There is also a BBQ about to be had. Oh yeah - bring on the burgers. There just might be a happy dance on the horizon. To wrap up this delightful blog I just have to tell my sweet husband on the day of his birth - Happy Birthday Baby! I love you so much! - Now maybe I'll stop blogging and start paying attention to the birthday boy. :)

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timpani76 said...

RIP beloved digital camera. Is your hubby doing a Jerry Lewis impression there?