Monday, October 1, 2012


A couple days ago we went on a family walk in the nature trail. We like to walk in the nature trail when we can. It's very pretty. Here is Jason and Noah. Noah loves to go on walks. He would not look at the camera because he was so concerned that we turned around to get the picture.
Here is proof that I exist. I think I should have put some make-up on though. :)

We walk past the lake many times in the nature trail. It's so pretty and peaceful.

Noah had his first day of nursery at church on Sunday. He did okay but then again I was in there the whole time. The nursery leader wasn't there so it was only one lady with 5 kids so I stayed to help. He likes to play but the main problem is he is so exhausted by that point. One of the kids knocked him down a few times and so he would start bawling and then true to his nature he would then scream in rage and try to retaliate. Ah, my sensitive, firey boy.
Today is October 1st. I'm pretty excited about that. Fall!! I've been waiting for it. I've been trying to put up our Halloween decorations today.

I think it's time I change my blog background to something nice and Fallish. Oh, yeah. I'm pretty excited about that. Don't judge me. :)

Oh and while we are on the subject of not blaming......Noah is taking a bottle twice a day again. I know...I know. He was having a hard time with it and even though I know I need to do it soon or later I gave in and gave it back to him. I just don't have the energy to keep it from him right now. Hopefully by the time he is 2. :)

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Jennifer said...

Don't stress too much about the bottle thing. It'll work out eventually.

I used to nanny for a family that had two little girls--ages 4 & 6--their mom let them have chocolate milk every morning, in a baby bottle. It looked ridiculous, and I had to put a stop to that.